Some Reasons to Love the Game

The game of golf can be a microcosm of the game of life. There are good shots and bad shots like good days and bad days, but it’s always the good days that make those bad ones not as bad. You can play a whole round and play terrible and then hit that one shot that keeps you coming back. And your friends and cold drinks are often there for the ride no matter what! What do you love about it?.


Other than being addicted to the game itself I love walking the course and really being in the moment. Getting to enjoy the company and immerse yourself in the scenery, the sounds the smells and the opportunity and excitment of the next shot.


The OP summed it up pretty well!

For me, one of the many things I love about this game is the challenge of the game itself – the physical techniques to learn combined with the mental hurdles to overcome.

What is fascinating about playing this game to me is twofold and our never-ending pursuit of trying to achieve perfection.

  1. We all work very, very, very hard to perfect a repeatable swing. In reality, those of us that play, every single one of us, cannot… although we come really, really close. So many things can and do go wrong because we are human beings with twitches and soreness, and a plethora of other things that could go slightly out of synch by even a 1/4 of an inch at impact of a 4inch blade into a 1.58inch plastic rock presents its own problem every single swing at speeds of 85-105mph… same with putting. Think about it, we should be happy just to make contact and project the ball forward !!! You all saw JT chunk a 9iron on #3 yesterday at Quail Hollow. All you an do is give it a WTF, have a laugh and hit the next challenge! :laughing:
  2. The courses we play on. Other than very short putts, I have played thousands of holes, especially on my home course… I have never had one shot completely mirror anything I have ever played before. EVER! Each swing, each shot, is its own adventure. Look at all other sports, they are pretty much played in a rectangle, box, or diamond. If you play under a dome, there is no mother nature to contend with. Now, to me, that’s what makes golf amazing. :golfing_man:t2:
    Of course I like to be outside and enjoy God’s creatures in a fairly natural environment. It’s good exercise if you walk and take the time to smell the flowers.

Agree with everything said. Once golf hits your soul, it doesn’t leave you. It’s a time to getaway and unwind. Relax. Have fun. Yet focus. Golf is meditation. It’s the walk. Nature. Feeling and hearing the grass under your feet. Being outside. The camaraderie with your playing partners. And of course those great shots – from a booming drive to a perfect putt. Golf is spiritual. Golf is community. Golf is a lifestyle. If it’s part of you, then you’ll do it for life.