Skytrak users and favorite practice ideas

Curious to know how users of this launch monitor work with it to practice. I’m trying to practice with a purpose, but I am getting a little bored with the game improvement package,

Thanks in advance for your input

I don’t have a Skytrak. For the launch monitor I do have, I use it to calibrate ball speeds with intensities. I.e., 3/4 swing sends it at X.

I also use it to see if different feels or positions translate into faster ball speeds or not at all. Since I’d actually trust Skytrak for launch and spin, I’d do what I do on my LM, but I’d have a lot more data to play with.

So I’d be more confident that a post-tinkering move was more effective if I could see that spin wasn’t changed, launch wasn’t changed, but ball speed was 6 mph higher.

I’d also love it for doing the Joe Mayo, -10 AoA, 50° of spin loft, new short game hotness that e.g., Hovland’s been using. Being able to see that, oooh, 28° launch, 7500 rpm, 40 mph ball speed…yep, right on target.