SkyTrak question

Hey everyone,

I have a SkyTrak and it seems to work very well with irons, but I get terrible inconsistencies when hitting driver. Does anyone know of any tricks or ways to set it up so you get accurate driver readings?

I appreciate any help,


What are the issues? I haven’t had much problem with the driver. Have you tried setting ball in different positions around the dot?

I’ve tried many things…laser in front, laser on the tee, different heights. Just seems very inconsistent. It is very accurate w/ irons vs my on course tendencies, but it is all over the map vs my on course driver tendencies and distance.

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Hit the center of the face more :slight_smile:


I never considered that!

Have you used impact tape or a foot powder spray to see where the ball is hitting the club face? When I see that plus the path of the ball from the tee to where it hits the net, what SkyTrak reports makes sense.

When I had my Skytrak, I always had to put the tee an inch or two behind the dot. Other than that, I would check your setup and make sure the Skytrak is level and at the same height as your hitting mat. Short game was the only thing I had issues with Skytrak.

Thanks everyone, I think I’ve got it. I bought some of the simulator tees so I didn’t have to use the tee hole in my mat. When I used the tee hole in my mat I had to set my SkyTrak off the mat so it wasn’t level.

Appreciate all of the help!