SkyTrak Help with wedges

I took the plunge and purchased a SkyTrak and it has just arrived. I don’t have the area indoors to practice so I am currently using it outside in my backyard hitting into a Spornia Net.

Wedges don’t seem to work. I finallly start getting readings with my A wedge. My 54 and 60 are mostly missed. I have tried full shots, half shots. It does seem to find it if I chip it.

Any thoughts?


Play around with moving it in different spots around the dot. For wedges I usually place the ball in front of the dot. Also I use mine indoors but have heard it has trouble outdoors. Too much glare I think. Maybe try an umbrella shading hitting area.

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Thanks. I am under a tree so I thought that might be good enough.

How far in front of the dot?

Does alignment have anything to do with it? It was just a quick test. That was all I had time for. I didn’t do an alignment so almost all the shots it registered were right.

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Usually just an in or so in front. Seems like the high launch window misses the cameras. I haven’t noticed any alignment issues.


All I can add is to put a line or move the logo towards the unit. You will probably find the sweet spot after using it a while. Wedges are like that with me too. I put the ball just in front of the dot and don’t have many issues. If you are a high swing speed player then move the ball behind the dot for driver if you have trouble.

I have used the Skytrak outside in almost dark conditions. I put my phone light shining at the ball an it worked great. I have not had any issues outside yet fully lit. I also use it inside 90% of the time or so.


Not sure if this is any help, but saw this article today and thought you might be interested.
Congrats on the purchase and hope things are going well!
Al from CS Cog Hill outing


Neat! I wonder what the durability of the balls are in that environment? I.e., how many 7I hits before the cover degrades enough to be noticeable.

My first impulse was to wonder how the reflective ribbon mass would affect roll on the greens, but it’s not like you’d be playing a round with this ball.

Really reads like an outstanding upgrade for the simulator/precision fitting market.

Back in the day when we used to hit balata covered balls after a while you could mush them enough that they’d go outta round. Todays solid core balls for the regular amateur are good for a long long time. They are very resilient. The covers if they get scuffed enuff, possibly would affect flight but not enough for us regular folk to notice. That came right off of 3 different reputable golf sights.


IME, I notice scuffed covers after one round. Nothing like the old banana cuts on balata, but noticeable visually. No idea if, or how much, it affects flight. Maybe I just play in abrasive conditions? Lots of sandy turf on our courses, from divot repair if nothing else. I’m not complaining. When my balls start to get scuffed (or right off the bat), I’m usually good for a turbo-hook or slice OB.

Doubt there’ll be any environmental abrasion in the environment these radar-balls’ll be used in.

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Was able to finally get out and sure enough with moving the ball forward and also point the logo towards the unit it worked out much better. I still seem to always be to the right of the target, but with some alignment work I think I can fix that as well.


Yes! For wedges I’ve also had success placing the ball just in front of the dot … and with a line or logo facing the camera.

FYI the manufacturer suggests only using white balls. Also be careful not to have any light shining directly into the camera aperture.

Yeah I’ve been using two alignment sticks - I got the metal protective case which has a small channel on the front side that a round alignment stick can rest in, and then I put another one on the mat … as parallel to the one on the case as I can tell by eyeballing it.

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