Side Saddle Technique

OK all of the Face-the-Target / Side Saddle putters on this forum. I finally spent a little and bought a side saddle (left handed) to start exploring. I love it on my carpet mat…but have only been to the practice green once so far…I’ll be headed back tonight after work.

So what technique are you using?

  • Where are you placing your top hand in relation to your body?
  • How far down the shaft on your bottom hand?
  • Pencil grip, open palm tossing grip, palm away from target, or something else?
  • Feet square to target or offset?
  • Ball position?

I think (still a work in progress) I’m leaning more towards square feet, top hand away from body and near opposite pec (so my top “right” hand is in front of my “left” pec), bottom hand as low on the shaft as I can go and an open palm (palm facing the target) grip…ball position a few inches in front of my toes.

I have putted this way for 6 years - full disclosure I am toying with going back to conventional but I have had a lot of success with this method over the years. There are several good videos on You Tube that you can watch but below are my comments:

  • I put my left thumb on the top of the grip and my left hand in front of my sternum.
  • Right arm is fully extended down the shaft. Shaft is in my palm with 2 fingers extended.
  • Ball position is key and when I putt poorly that is usually the issue. I have the ball just in front of my right foot but you need to figure out what works for you. My stance is staggered with more weight on my right foot.
  • I have found that very long putts are difficult to hit hard enough with this method.
  • I have putted looking at the hole which works well with this method especially for shorter putts.
  • You also need to be prepared for the stares/crap from fellow golfers but when you role a few in they tend to quiet down.

Good Luck - stay with it.

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