Shotscope V3 Manual Putting

I put a fat grip on my putter in a desperate attempt not to be the worst putter in history. I kind of like it. Shotscope does a far worse job recording my putts than when I had a regular grip. I bought the putter tag pack, but it still only gets it right about 1/2 the time.

A few rounds ago, I tried manual putting mode. You click every time you putt and then once where the flag is. I like it better. I think I’d use it even if went back to a regular putter grip.

So if you’ve never tried it, you might consider manual putting mode to see if you like it too. And I have a couple spare putter tags (one sticky and one threaded, I think) that I’d send you if you are in need of one.

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How do you put the Shotscope into “manual putting mode?” Thanks!

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Never mind, just looked it up on Shotscope. Thanks, I’ll try this.

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Also have a ShotScope and also tried Manual mode, but ended up going back to Auto…

Fwiw I do two quick things when putting:

  1. Make sure the watch is reading the “P” yeah when I grab my putter;
  2. Standing over the ball I actually wave my watch-wearing hand up and down a bit to try to make sure the GPS is “awake” and marking my location.

Seems to work out reasonably well without having to interact with the watch on each putt.