Shot Scope - now has basic SG stats

Latest Shot Scope release has some basic Shots Gained stats for Tee, Approach, Short game, Putting. I am way behind in all areas :confused:


Yes it’s a big release for 2021. Initially you will only be able to compare yourself against Pro Golfers in SG, but sometime in the middle of 2021 you will be able to go against various handicap levels, which will be the most beneficial.


I sent my ‘results’ to my coach - “yep that’s you compared to a tour pro. But you’re trying to break 90”.



Finally! Heard it was coming for a long time and almost broke down and signed up for Golf Metrics over the weekend.

I’m looking at golf metrics…should I not?

I was interested in my SG numbers and Golf Metrics looks solid if you don’t have a shot scope or Arccos or something similar.

Time to dust off the SC3 with SG up and running! Is there any table somewhere where you can do a simple translation of Pro SG to what is good for various hcp levels? I guess you can just use the actual hcp and assume a pro is what a +5ish and somehow extrapolate the categories based on that but not sure it’s that simple?

Not really that simple as it won’t be evenly distributed across different categories. In Arccos, for example, I give up ~10 strokes to a tour player and ~5 strokes to a scratch player, but the ratio of where those strokes are lost across the four areas (driving, approach, short, putting) are fairly different. It would still give you a rough idea though.

Kind of what I expected that it wasn’t as straight forward due to the categories. Was thinking of a poor mans conversion table although not fully accurate. I guess that’s why they didn’t release that version just yet :slight_smile:

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Basic Q - where do you find this on the Shot Scope dashboard?

Look what just arrived:

Is it only for V3? Another reason to upgrade if so!!! :grinning:

So…as I show -& off the tee -8 approach -3 short game and -2 putting I need to work on the first two the most I presume? Not that I will ever be close to level or + numbers!! As you say Jon, comparing with those playing at the level I am aiming for (low 80’s) will be more helpful.


Getting more proficiency with tee shots/approach shots will definitely lead to bigger drops in scoring. You can only “separate” yourself so much from other golfers with short game and putting (not to say they’re not important).

Is using Shotscope much more of a pain if you don’t use the club tags? Except for my wedges, all my clubs have backweights in them. It sounds like you can manually input a shot. I guess I could stick the tags on easily enough, but might need to worry about them falling off.

You can manually input shots, in which case you still benefit from the stats collection and analysis. However would take considerably longer post-round to enter all shots rather than just review and edit. I wouldn’t have the discipline for that.


They are pretty easy to fit, screwing in to the top of the grips, once in they wont fall out.

It looks like it, but I have backweights that would probably prevent them from screwing in. Their website recommends cutting off the screw part for putters that have backweights and gluing on the tag which I could probably do. I doubt I would want to manually input shots…as an 18 now I take a lot of shots lol.


Yeah, I’m on the Garmin system and need to figure out how to apply my shot sensor to my putter (it has a counterweight in it)… I’m thinking I’ll just glue it on and see how it goes.

I’m only putting them in my wedges and putter, though.

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Just ordered a V3. Looking forward to getting out there and trying it. Adding the strokes gained stats pushed me over the edge as I’ve used GolfMetrics in the past and it was a bit cumbersome. I’m looking forward to having stat tracking, gps, and club distances all being packaged into one device and process.