SG Analysis and Practice

Hello folks,

I am also on the journey towards a scratch then plus handicap the same as @Fit_For_Golf, Sean Denning, and Chasing Scratch.

I currently sit at a 2.8 index. I’ve been collecting my SG data via the ShotScope watch and curious what folks think I should be focusing my practice on as I continue working towards my goal. Screenshots below of my my SG data from my last 10 rounds. Any input and practice ideas are much appreciated.

Can you change the comparison from vs. Tour to vs. Scratch like you can on golfmetrics?

I used to compare vs. Tour but I feel like comparing to Scratch is more appropriate for my game. Once I’m beating scratch on all areas then I’ll flip to vs. Tour.

Seems like tee ball is the biggest issue, then longer irons. Are you a long hitter? Hard to say if you’re losing off the tee because of distance/accuracy/etc.

For long irons, just play to the fat side of the green every time. Don’t necessarily have to hit the green, just get it in the fairway/fringe/green on the fat side and you’ll see that number come down quickly (if it’s par 4’s and you have that a lot since you’re not a long hitter, practice the short game since you can’t expect to be putting after approach from >200yds too often). My best category on strokes gained approach is >200 yards. Don’t do anything stupid and you’ll gain shots in this category.

Putting - just cut back on 3 putts which I assume is the cause of the 30+ feet lost strokes


Shot Scope is going to be adding a function to change the comparison in the future.

I hit it pretty far but tee accuracy is inconsistent.

Never used shotscope but I am assuming the breakdowns show a per shot SG value.

3 things,

Lag putting, Losing that many strokes on long putts is a killer.
Approach, need to get that down under -1.5 per round. Looks like 150-200 is easiest gain.
Driving, the longer the hole the worse the SG is. Pushing too hard? Based on the tee shot by hole distance you are losing a lot of “easy” strokes on par 5’s off the tee.

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I think the strokes are per round.

So for the lag putting, my understanding is I lose .8 strokes per round to a tour pro in putts outside of 30 feet.