SeeMore Putter Month at Club Champion

Below is a great link to our latest podcast with Nick Sherburne - founder of Club Champion. He talks about putter fitting and how it is the most important part of your game. Contact them and ask about their putter fittings or even stop by to take a look at their centers. They have 85 locations and growing.

Episode 45 - The Putting Couch - Putter Fittings.

Have you ever had a putter fitting?

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I’m on board with seemore! If you haven’t checked them outs, you definitely should…

I’m pretty sure I’ve overdone my answer to have you been fit… Putting Quest: My Winter Project

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Thanks for sharing your input about the process and the simplicity of the putters. Have a great Thursday!

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Visit Club Champion at any of their 85 locations and receive a FREE putting fitting during the month of September with a purchase of a SeeMore putter.