Rules Question regarding assistance

I was wondering. PGA Tour players are not allowed to use a cart to mobilize around the course. What about a crutch or a cane to alleviate pressure on that bad knee or ankle?

Neat question! This section at the USGA Rules site, seems to address it (if you pardon the pun).

Check the beginning of Rule 25.1 to understand what types of players the “disability” rules apply to. I don’t bielive your average tour pro would qualify. I’d refer to 4.3b to see what types of equipment might be available to a player for medical reasons. The Committee gets the final say, but its possible that a crutch or cane might be accepted, as long as it doesn’t cause damage that might impact other players. At that level, though, if the “problem” is severe enough to warrant a cane or crutch, they’re probably better off staying at home to let it heal properly.


I was just asking like to look at like TW… the use of a cane to alleviate stress while you walk. just give the walking stick to your caddy while you swing. could be really helpful on an uphill walk

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His pride will not let him be seen using a walking cane, not even when he plays a casual round with his close friends.
He could utilize one of those knee brace, nut likely they will get into the way of his golf swing. Elastic band and lots of care before and after the round will be his best bet. Beyond those needs, he might stay away for a further recovery if possible.
These guys swing each shot like their last one, the actions puts heavy toll on the body.

He can certainly use a club to help him walking, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him doing just that. Whether he’d ever choose something more, I have no idea.

From what I’ve read, its not his knee that’s the major problem, its the ankle. It’ll be interesting to see how he holds up over the week, steady pain can be really draining.

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I had also seen him using a club to assist walking up a slope in the past but rarely.
I think from a golf swing point of view and not the walking as he said he has worried about. If a golfer has a nagging injury issue, which will prompt the golfer to compensate during a golf swing, eventually this motion of compensation will cause other problems If his ankle was painful and compensating by loading the weight differently, next possible problem will be the knee above the ankle, then perhaps his lower back later. Not sure if he could patch the ankle up with supporting tape being in that position and part of the kicking off from the top. He might consider wearing a larger size golf shoe on that foot in order to fit in the supporting tape. Not a good place to have pain for a golfer. I wish he could finish the rounds of the weekend and escape further injury.