Rope swing drill

Has anyone tried the rope swing drill made famous by Dr Kwon?
I made one myself over the weekend and I have high hopes as really gets you using your hips and legs in the right way

Cheaper and better version of the orange whip it seems

Wondered if anyone else tried it and had success?




What did you do? I have seen some of his stuff before.

Here you go
This is from another teacher
Supposedly concept been around a while but Dr Kwon increased awareness of

Well worth trying


I have watched a lot of Dr. Kwon’s reprogramming YouTube videos. I’ve made the rope training aid and bought the Orange Whip. Doing the step drills plus the rope and whip drills helped me lower my handicap 2.5 strokes last year.

There are a lot of skills that separate good golfers from hackers but ball striking is the primary one IMO. These drills help with that.


I agree Mike

I haven’t been able to play much because of tennis elbow but have been doing the rope almost daily…

I played 9 on Sunday and never hit it as good. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. My swing felt much more fluid and effortless

I truly believe it’s a great training aid and can be made easily and cheaply

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I got myself some rope and started using this as well. I have always had horrible tempo and thought this looked like it might help me. I was a bit skeptical as the Orange Whip has been only marginally successful for me.

Swinging the rope does seem to resonate with me though. You need to have some tempo/rhythm and you need to extend your arms which are both things I don’t always do. I also like that I have enough room to swing it in my office.

After not swinging an actual golf club for many weeks I played 9 last weekend and hit the ball better than expected. Between the layoff and rehabbing some injuries I wasn’t expecting much, but hit the ball decently. Maybe just a fluke, but I’ll continue with swinging the rope.