Rollable Golf Mat

I did a search and didn’t see this answered here. I need a golf mat that is rollable. Currenlty I don’t have space for an inside golf center and need to use my grass in the backyard for my practice center. I would rather not kill my grass if I kept the mat down, it needs to be rollable. Anyone have any good suggestions?

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I have a puttout mat that is available for purchase if you are interested. It rolls up easy and has a case to store in.

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I bought a 3 X 5 Premium Pro mat from Amazon a couple of years ago that’s worked ok for me especially given the low price. It’s a bit thin for the garage so I use some rubber tiles under it there, but it’s fine by itself for the backyard. If it’s rolled up for too long it does tend to stay curled at the edges though.

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Was gonna also suggest PuttOut - although the mat does roll up, and store, easily some reviewers have found a groove can form if you consistently roll the ball down the same line over and over.

Another good option for pretty close to real putting feel is Birdie Ball … they offer different sizes at different prices; recently announced an outdoor putting mat.

I’d suggest staying away from anything too cheap - will be too thin and flimsy and not durable.