Recommendation on women golf apparel

Hi all, was finding the women golf attire since few days ago but the products in the market are usually for men only. So is there any recommendations for women golf apparel from you all, thanks!

My wife has the same issue…she really likes Rhoback (as do I) but choices are significantly more limited for women’s wear than for men.

WoW! You all are posting here so it’s obvious you have internet. TGW, Carl’s, Golf Ball, etc are just a couple of golf only online stores that have a tremendous variety of both mens and womens apparel available and on annual clearance to fill several closets. I use them all, and they deliver to my door. The only thing I have found is that if you use regular shipping it can take up to 10 days sometimes for delivery. But the clothing is pretty top notch. AND the womens apparel is significantly more affordable than the mens. Here’s an example. Ladies apparel 36 pages worth