Question for players in the Philly, Pa area

Just a question to toss out there… anyone in the Philly, Pa area (preferably South Jersey side) looking to try and play on Saturdays? My group of 20 years has disintegrated. My steady partner passed away on course 3 weeks ago… so it’s been hit or miss. I don’t care how you play, I don’t care M or F…just wanting to play golf, get to poke some fun at how horrible we all are at this game and maybe make it steady…Let me know!


…whoa so sorry to hear… My sympathies and condolences to his family.

So sorry to hear about that. Hope you find another group(s) to join up with.

One good thing about the internet, it frees up the information for the better or the worse.
If you do a search online, there must be groups in your area which will fit your preference.
Many of the guys in our group had added on another “senior” group to join. It is a group of retired guys and gals over the age of 60 ( which qualifies for the senior rate for green fee at this public golf course ).

These guys will golf one round per week with the usual pals, and one round a week with this senior group, which offers discounted GHIN membership ( required, to play their weekly and annual tournaments with KP, low gross, low net…
Of course, I know many of them will golf more than two rounds per week, they carpool and travel to golf courses farther away.