Question for Arccos users

I’ve been using Arccos for about 18 months now, but i really don’t use it to it’s full potential. I get a bit tired of having to adjust shots on nearly every hole and green, and adding or deleting wrong shots etc. Now i have a couple of sensors that totally stopped working, and i made the mistake of Un-paring my hybrid to try and Re-pair it, so now that club has disappeared from my club selection even though it’s still in my bag. So the results are off for my 3 wood now.

Anyway, aside from all that I wanted to ask what other users specifically look for from the data to improve their game? Personally, after a round i just look at the ‘What’s Helping You’ and ‘What To Work On’ parts of the app, and not much else. And then forget about it when i practice.

Do you guys have a specific practice plan you go to with the data?

I also hardly ever use the Caddie part of the app and preview a round. Do you guys use this a lot? I play a lot of the same courses so don’t have a need for it really. Or at least i think i don’t.

I use a range finder rather than the GPS on my phone, because the GPS on Arccos is a bit off, especially around the green location and putting. It often shows putts from off the green even though they were on, and vise-versa with chipping around the greens. It also adds putts from off the green into the total putt count which is annoying.

The best thing about Arccos i find is the club distances, but because the GPS is slightly off it makes me wonder exactly how accurate it is.

At the moment i feel like i’m not making the most from Arccos and could use a few tips on what i could be doing better.

I don’t use ARCCOS, I do however, use data through a different application. Data does not improve your game so to speak… you use the data to assist you to make informed decisions on the course to manage your game that will improve scoring. How you employ that data is completely up to you. If the data tells me I’m losing strokes off the tee using Driver, you employ a plan in practice to #1 improve your Driving, knowing where you tend to hit and land the ball so the percentages work in your favor. Then, while on the course, there may be a few holes, where the data tells you, Driver or even 3W isn’t the right play for you. So utilize that data and go ahead and hit the 5W or 7W. There are 2 holes on my course, I haven’t hit Driver in 5 years on, If I hit Driver or 3W, I will put a large bunker and trees into play then try to hit a very delicate approach of 30-70 yds over that big ass bunker. So I choose to hit 7W and then hit a full SW, GW, PW or 9i into the hole (depending upon the wind), taking trees and that bunker completely out of play for the most part. Yes, I have made Dbl Bogey or worse on the hole, but I can count those on one hand, I’ve made more 4s and 5s and yes, even 3s, on the hole probably playing it over 300 times. Once you realize the game of golf is a game of counting, nothing more—nothing less, you will immediately improve… Very rarely at the end of 18 holes does someone ask you HOW…only HOW MANY. My personal goal every round is to eliminate Double Bogey or worse… I don’t want those on my card. So on a hole that, (speaking only for me now,) I will struggle to make a Par 4 and Birdie 3 is basically a pipe dream, I want to ensure that I can put myself in position to possibly make a Par 4, but accept that Bogey 5 is acceptable on my card. My goal eventually is to get good enough again that I can take Bogey or worse off my card (a dream round). I’ve only done that once in my life. Just so you know, like many I belong to a Golf Association and we play 10 Tourneys a year. When I practice before that round, I hit a large bucket going through the bag to warm up…then I get a small bucket going through the Round in my mind. So Hole #1 (325) would normally be Driver GW or PW into the hole. So I’ll hit Driver, then PW. Hole #2 (350) Would be Driver PW or 9iron. Hole #3 (535) would be Driver, 3W, GW or SW, Hole #4 is a par 3 (215) 7W and so on…you follow what I’m doing. I’m trying to play the round on the practice tee prior to actually teeing off. The data you input can be invaluable if you utilize it. Anyone can take lessons or can play this game to aimlessly hit balls from the tee box, down the FW to the Green… ANYONE! If you are devoted to improving your scoring ability and put the percentages into your favor slightly…you will have the opportunity to shave strokes off your game utilizing ARCCOS data.

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Totally agree with Mike @MJTortella.

Question: how are you targeting the center of the green? If you’re not (or close to it) you are likely losing strokes.
If you’re using a laser only, how do you tell how close the pin is to any edge, front or back? Your caddie gps will give you front, middle and back, and you can use Google Earth to locate and measure (from the front) where the “fattest” part of the green is. That’s your target. Strokes Gained will tell you a long putt is better than a short-sided chip.
Here’s an example: #12 at my club is a pear-shaped par3, a popular pin is back right in the neck of the pear. From GE I know the fat part of the green is uphill 2 yards and 2 yards shorter than “center” and directly in line with a specific landmark. All this in my yardage book, home course or not. If available, I’ll locate the distance placard and pace to the tees. I use caddie gps to find middle yardage and add/subtract accordingly. Next, adjust for wind. I’ll lase the pin as a sanity check on everything and focus on putting a good stroke on ‘er.

I believe the error you refer to is in mapping, not location. When in doubt, pace it off.

Hope this helps!!

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I Love Arccos! Def agree that it takes some fiddling (especially for putting) but I like to see how I compare with lower handicap golfers. Plus I trust their comparison stats cuz they’ve got tons of golfers inputting.
Having said that … I don’t like the $155 annual fee (last year) and since I renew in May I’m trying something different. Just saw an ad for the ShotScope watch for $199 - no annual fee!

I heard Jon talk about how he likes Shotscope so I’m going to try it for 30 days and decide if I like it enough to change.

Bottom line … I do think stats and improve you in certain ways - what % am I short on approach shots? How am I doing on putts 10 feet or less? What’s the strongest/weakest part of my short game?


I have been using Shotscope for 2 years. I have read many comments on problems with other data platforms and I just don’t have those issues with Shotscope.
I would suggest you give it a try. Their customer service is great if you have any issues.

As a follow up to this i’ve emailed Arccos and requested some new sensors yesterday as they’re still under the 2 year warranty, so hopefully they’ll send me some out soon.

@MJTortella - Thanks for taking the time to write such a long reply. I understand all the points you’ve made, and am following the same pattern of trying to keep doubles off my scorecard more than anything else. I’ve also been trying to follow the percentage play but not always, sometimes i still want to hit driver rather than a 6 iron because in my mind i’m thinking “What if the 6 iron messes up anyway?”. It’s a constant battle, at least until i have a very reliable shot for each club. What you say sounds a lot like the Decade system which everyone seems to rave about. I might try doing the whole round of 18 holes at the range though mate, havent tried that before. Cheers

@Fraser - Yes, i have been picking my target for the green a bit more conservatively lately, usually the centre. But it feels like i’ve always got more to do on each green now haha. My short game is the only stat on Arccos that tells me i’m the same or slightly better than a scratch handicap. Whereas my putting is currently -4.3, only worse than my Approach of -6.2. To be honest my wedge game has gone downhill a lot lately from 75-120 yards, and practicing off a mat doesnt help as much as grass would. I do use Arccos on my phone as well as the range finder, this gives me the yardages for the front and back of the greens if the range finder doesnt pick it up. I need to eliminate 3 putts but currently averaging 32.6 a round, so not really bad but could be better. Maybe once i’ve improved my wedges i’ll improve my GIR’s, and in the meantime also practice putting. Thanks for the points made.

@Tlambros - Yeah i hear you, the $155 annual fee is seeming like too much compared to others. My current subscription runs until November so will be checking out others and swap if needed. I do like Arccos and to look at the stats, but really feel like i don’t know how to make the most of them still. Need to pull my finger out between now and November.

@Todd - Thanks for the vote on Shotscope, good to hear some real feedback. Will be giving it a go around October time, cheers.

At this time of writing Arccos is telling me to work on Approach, Putting and Driving in that order.
Approach and Putting definitely need work, especially approaches from 100-175 yds from the fairway. I can work on both pretty easily, apart from having to use mats at the driving ranges here.

Driving is a bit different. The stats seem a bit off because it says i’m losing -1.1 for distance, -0.9 for accuracy and -1.7 for penalties. The accuracy and penalties i can understand, but the distance bit bothers me.

It says my average distance is 226 yds off the tee for par 4 and 5’s for the last 50 rounds, whereas a scratch is averaging 256 yds. This bothers me because my average driver distance is 267 yards but i can’t use it on every par 4 or 5 because of tee box position, water hazards or too small a target to make any sense hitting it for some holes at my local courses. I’m sure Arccos must get their data from courses where a driver can be hit on nearly every hole, but who knows.

This month i’ll double down on Approach and Putting practice and see if scores improve.

My goal is getting to a 5 handicap this year, I was an 8 in January. For info I started playing about 2 and a half years ago and was 32 handicap in January 2021 - but i’ve played roughly 400 rounds in 2 years, plus a lot of practice. I’d like to get to scratch but whenever i say stuff like that it puts peoples noses out of joint, so i don’t bother anymore. Saying it on here doesn’t matter too much as i don’t know anyone haha. Sorry for waffling on, hope everyone is improving their golf on here, or at least finding help and answers. Cheers

Fuzzygolfer, I like your goal setting and I hope you attain to your goal of being a scratch golfer sooner than later. You can do it!!!

One other thing about Shotscope that I did not mention is that there are no annual fees or charges for updates which I now know is not the case for others.

@Todd Shotscope is definitely looking more value for money, i hate subscription models for anything if i’m honest. Apparently Arccos is free for people who bought the first generation sensors a few years ago, but I wasn’t that lucky.

Thanks for the encouragement by the way, good to hear mate

Good luck on your goals. I also like Arccos for all the information it provides. The GPS with suggested club suggestions are just that….SUGGESTIONS. Hit ‘em long and straight!

@fuzzygolfer, pls see my putting drill here Putter Training Aids - Which Do You Like/Use?
Stole it from Cam McCormick, my favorite putting drill. It’ll frustrate the he77 outa ya but stick with it you’ll be 5 in no time!
I stretch it out to 25-30’, dime gate less than putter head. When I have the time, I’ll put in an hour or two, then 3-ball version for maintenance each round.
I’ve gotten as low as +7 but I’m stuck at +4.6 nowadays. Keep plugging!

Sounds like you have a plan. I was like you in my 20s. Fell in love with the game. Went from a 28 cap to a 10 inside of 6 months. Took me another 5 years to get to a 2.3. Caveat,I took a PT job at the range and was allowed to hit unlimited balls. So I could hit 400/500 balls a day 5-6 days a week. Not many people have access to that. We don’t have good caddy programs any more, so all your thought process is me, myself and I. If you have been watching golf lately, the pros are letting you into their weird little worlds out there. BUT… let me give you some advice, I don’t know your game, the second you let the “what if” come into your thought process you are doomed probably 75% of the time. The “teams” argue and fight all the time on shots. In the end the player usually wins the shot play argument… the last thing you hear a caddy say… “OK, you got this, commit to the shot, let’s make a good swing.” You never hear what if I mess up the 6 iron? Next time you watch an event, I suggest the Ladies, watch their process. I never got to scratch, because my short game wasn’t good enough. What you’ve done is commendable, I can get someone down to 10=12 cap, just by thinking clearly on course, can’t do better than that, because you need a stellar short game to get to +cap or scratch, You are gonna miss greens, probably 7 to 9 a round or more. You need to develop a reliable enough game to get up-n-down at least 50-60% of the time… Most importantly…HAVE FUN! That’s why we play! We ain’t TV golfers!

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