Putting looking at the hole

I recently started doing this. I heard about it again on the Hack It Out podcast with Sasho Mackenzie. He was talking about the pros and cons and how to implement it. I’ve played three rounds doing it so far. In those three rounds, I gained 0.3, 1.6 and lost 1.6 vs pga tour. My last twenty rounds I’m at -1.3 strokes average so based on a very small sample I have improved from it. Those three rounds are tournament rounds too.

Has anyone else experimented? I’ve been doing it for shorter putts so far. It feels weird to look at the hole for long putts so I haven’t yet. I think eventually I will do so, but I need to get comfortable on the putting green first.

I did do this for a spell a few years ago but I stopped for some reason. Probably I felt silly doing it. Now I care less about stuff like that so if it continues to work I’m going to continue to do it. There definitely are benefits to it. Change of focus from mechanics and the loss of need to remember how far you want to hit it strike me as the obvious ones.


I love “heads up putting”! We have several past threads with some good discussions on it here too. It took me some time to get comfortable on putts over 15 feet…but now do it for every distance.

My speed control is much better…and no more technical thoughts (which is good for me). I’ve been at it for about a year now.

I don’t know that ink holing more putts…but definitely three putting less!

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I started this this year, average putts down 5 now. 3 putts are averaging one per round at most. Cant recommend it highly enough.


Instinct Putting. Buy the book from Amazon or wherever you buy books. Speed control becomes miraculous on long putts. Short puts become automatic. Ever made a free throw while looking at the basketball? Didn’t think so. Keep your head up and improve your putting.

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