PRGR Club Speed Only, No Ball

I’ve been using the PRGR for tracking my Stack sessions. It works well but I’ve been having a lot of occurrences where it thinks I’m hitting a ball. So I’ll get two speed ratings and I don’t know which one is the real CHS or what the other reading is. Usually when this happens, neither number is near my typical for the given weight. Anyone else have issues like this? Anyone know of a way to put it in CHS only mode?

I have the exact same issue - I normally wind up hitting the retake button. It’s tempting to use the ball one because it’s typically around 6-8 mph faster, so I get like 100 and 107 when normally I’m getting around 103 or 104 or so.

Curious if anyone has a fix.

I’ve had some issues as well… @jon have you seen this?

Would LOVE to see how you set up a PRGR properly… I"m still not sure I"m doing it right.

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I have seen the same. Wasn’t sure if it was my setup or not as I’ve only used it in my garage during the winter. Placement of the unit is definitely a factor in performance. I probably should have measured out specific points for the PRGR and where to swing.

SC200 has the same issues. I’ve not gone through the work of establishing the parameters of errors as they relate to monitor placement, but there are obvious errors in speed measurement that correlate to ball flight path. Draws/hooks are hilariously faster than fades/slices.

I just need to get used to using a club (or something else fixed length) to set the thing a constant distance away from the ball. Which won’t solve the ball flight artifacts, but will at least try to remove one possible source of inconsistency.

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