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I just bought the Stack System and decided to get the PRGR monitor since I have had a decent swing speed in the past and hope to get back there again through training (getting old sucks lol). I also have a good space indoors for hitting partial wedge shots into a net, so I expect I will also use the distance measurements it can do during my winter season. One thing I have not been able to find is what loft angles it assumes with different clubs, or if it can be adjusted to fit your set. I use 50, 54, 58, and 64 degree wedges around the green, and was really hoping I could dial in my distances for all of these. My unit is shipping from Europe, so I have a couple weeks before it gets here but really would like to know if their club selections will match my clubs.

Thanks in advance for anyone that knows!

I wouldn’t worry about selecting the specific club - it’s generally more for your ability to go back and look at the shots you hit more than adjusting how it reads the shot (I think). I had trouble with it reading anything below pitching wedge when hitting outside. Biggest use for it is swing speed.

Totally understand the main use for the PRGR is for raw swing speeds but I also understood it was pretty good at helping you dial in Pelz style wedge distances. The limitation I understood is that it needs to know the loft angle of the club to estimate the carry, and that is tied to it’s assumptions per club. What I haven’t seen is what those assumptions are, or if you could adjust them to fit your own bag, or if there always going to be some adjustment if you carry odd lofts. Was hoping all this might be spelled out in the owners manual but I can’t find one for the newer 2021 model, and it wasn’t in what I did find for the original.

I too found it utterly useless in picking up wedge shots. Assumed it wasn’t able to pick the shot up above a certain launch angle as it got about 50% of PW and about 10% of anything higher lofted.

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I have what I believe is the first iteration of the PRGR. I took it to the Pro Shop trac-man room. It is within 1-2 mph pretty consistently on Swing Speed of the trac-man. It is less accurate on the ballspeed…coming off the face. PRGR has me at maxxed out with a driver at about 137-138 ball speed, trac-man had me at about 142-144… Distance…that was even more random…my trac-man distance was further by 15 yds than the PRGR. I tried using it with 60* down to about 46* and it was only picking up about 50% of the time. SS, BS and distance as quoted above by Hack! I predominantly use it now to track my tee shots with the Driver, 3W and Hybrid 18* and 23* … It’s a good, cheap tool to work on stuff at the range outdoors…


This one is a gen2, which is supposed to be much better at picking up lofted shots but I also hit it fairly high in general and I am a little nervous that I will get into issues. It’s main purpose though is for stack system speed tracking, so even if it doesn’t work out for wedges for me, it should be a good value as long as that works.

But back to my original question, I still have no idea what it is assuming for club lofts when I hit things and it seems as though it needs to have that info to calculate distance within reason. Do they publish those assumptions in their manual or anywhere else?

I’m sorry, I missed that question. It’s not assuming anything. Old school PW used to be between 48*-50*. Today’s lofts are much stronger. The weakest PW I found today is 46* which is the loft of my old 9i. So, it matters not what your PW loft is, it could be 44* or 46*, it’s your PW. You are tracking your specs with your club. Does that make sense to you? It’s a machine, it is not making any assumptions, it is only tracking what you tell it to track. The PRGR I have though is very inconsistent reading higher lofted clubs. Once I get down to like a 7i it reads 8 or 9 out of 10 shots. When I go to the range for a practice session or blast into the net, I warm up with a 9-3 drill with about 15 shots, then I might only practice the rest of the bucket (50 or so balls) with my 5i. So I am getting readings with my 5i only, which to me is invaluable info.

I don’t own a PRGR. But, it doesn’t let you input the actual loft for each club? That’s surprising.

As for the wedges issue, I think it’s endemic with these inexpensive monitors. My SC200 is bad with wedges too. Albeit I am a high-flight player as well. (Though getting better!)

Thanks for the info. I was under the impression the PRGR only really sees club speed and ball speed, and calculates distance based on an assumed launch angle roughly based on club loft angle. Somewhere I even remember seeing that due to this, you will get more accurate carry distance by just telling it you are hitting a different club that is more accurately lofted to their assumptions. I just have no idea what lofts would be appropriate at the bottom end, I suspect my wedges are on the higher end of most people’s loft spectrum. Also totally understand the loft drift over the years, my current 2 year old clubs are all about a 1 club shift in loft over my 20 year old set.

Sounds like it will just be a wait and see, and not to hold my breath that I will get much productive yardage hitting half wedges in my basement all winter, which was just a hopeful bonus for me as I work my wife up to letting me by a full Skytrack setup in the next year or 2 when I can get a dedicated room with tall ceilings. At least I have space to half-swing a real club indoors, a fairly large putting studio that allows me to also hit real chip shots into, and a divot board, so I can work on the crap that’s been the biggest mess in my game for 40 years!

Found this post on another forum, which purports to be a quote from the monitor company’s distributor, concerning the pre-set lofts the PRGR is using in its algorithm:

From it:

1W 10.5
3W 15
4W 16.5
5W 18
7W 21
9W 23
3UT 19
4UT 22
5UT 25
6UT 28
3I 20
4I 22
5I 24
6I 27
7I 30
8I 34
9I 38
PW 43
AW 50
SW 56

Supposedly for the 130A model.


Awesome, thanks a lot!!

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