Post-Shot Routine/Analysis

Hey everybody, this is a sheet I utilize after each shot, a quick checklist. I am looking for suggestions. Adam mentioned on one of the podcasts that this specific template is missing some things and he has something on his website that is more detailed. I had a 30 day subscription after taking an online lesson with Adam, but did not know that resource was available.

Anyways, fellow practical golfers- thanks for your input!

Course:______________________ *Review the Decision and Outcome Separately

Hole & Club
-Yardage if able

Shot Result
-on target

Impact Errors
-Ground Contact
-Face Contact
-Face Direction

Strategy Errors
-Club Selection
-Over Correction

Mental Errors
-Level of Commitment









So that’s pretty deep! Remember GOLF spelled backwards is FLOG! Seems like tracking all that is another form of torture. I guess if you believe that will help you, I’m not one to criticize what works for you. Is it helping that much? I dont track that deep on course. I track putts, GIR, FW hit, U&D. I’d rather just try and play a shot, commit to that shot, move on. So many variables on course, wet grass, dry grass, wind, lies, cut of grass, grain, slope, distance, pin placement. I might track some of what u are tracking on the range, but the range is pretty benign compared to the course. Here’s what I can tell you after 37 years of playing this game. The trick is to develop a very repetitive swing. YOU WILL NOT be perfect. You can be off plane, lose spine angle, lift ure head, open the hips too soon, over the top, wind could blow u off balance, your stance is off a half an inch. I can go on. A half inch to the player is often imperceptible. That’s why we record and look at the strike, but a 1/2 inch trying to belt a 1.68” spherical rock is 1/3 miss! When I practice I record distance and tendency especially before a competitive round, Not when I play. Playing well is a result of my practice, at least I like to think so. Scoring well is a result of my putting and short game and getting decent breaks on the course. Most of all it’s about having fun, trying not to torture myself to bad, so I want to come back and begin the FLOG all over again.

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I agree with you, it’s almost too much on the course. That being said, it provides me with objective data/feedback that I need to improve.

I just know my post round reflections are usually filled with emotions that don’t address the underlying issues of what I need to work on.

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I do not know your level of play, I assume that after speaking with the Pro’s at Hazeltine, you still haven’t qualified for the TOUR…LOL (sarcasm)… We all want to play better, we all want to execute. We’re not pros, so our level of play… it’s nice to emulate them, but for gosh sakes lower your expectations. Most of us don’t have the time to invest in what it actually takes to get even decent. So… although I do “express” my emotions on the course and sometimes even in practice with some choice words that George Carlin has made famous, it does not and CANNOT last longer than the snap quick emotion, Golf is not a game where you should dwell on the immediate mistake. I average about 78 shots per round… I might, just might have 6 of them come off like I envisioned. I have alot of meh, and a good 7 or 8 that are just horrid! Most of those are around or on a green. It’s a game and, especially us, we should treat it that way. You get better by executing the basics when you’re a beginner. When you’re a high level player, they are just actually executing those basics at a very high level. Pro’s do it at an even higher level. It’s actually a very simple game. Find a way to get a golf ball in a set hole within a set amount of shots using whatever legal weapon you have in your bag. In the end, I’ve never really been asked how… only how many. My pro has never asked me if I blew the 4ft eagle putt on the par 5 for a birdie or if I bounced it off 2 trees, hit a squirrel and rolled in the hole for a 4. Look if all that tracking info is helping you… great! I would take notice of how much pro’s really work on grip, posture, ball position, takeaway…etc. Don’t flood your system with what is most likely overload with TMI. Keep It Simple, you’ll have more fun and believe it or not your level of execution will improve just by executing the basics better… Think about and try that


Everyone’s different, of course, but I’m with @MJTortella in that I prefer to focus on the short at hand … which means to me that after I’ve hit a ball my post-shot routine is limited to a very brief mental check of… What did I do well (“good” shot)? Or… What could I do better (not so good shot)?

For me the answer to that second question is almost always … I was too tense / distracted / not focused and I rushed the shot.

@Tanner - suggestion … maybe look into a shot tracking app (eg. I use a ShotScope GPS watch; there’s also Arcoss) and you can do a full post-round review later at home.


I just purchased the shotscope V3 watch!

Just because I’m such a poor ball striker right now, I want to collect data to ensure I’m working on the things that ultimately need the most improvement and will lead to better scores.


This. Alternately, a shot tracking GPS app on your phone (provided you remember to use it on every shot, LOL) works well. But since you have ShotScope, I’d use it.

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Makes sense. Prob once you start working on it, you’ll figure out a quick and easy shorthand entry method. Good luck!!!