Play Your Best Golf in 2021 (part two) - The Art of Looking Forward

I’m excited to release the second part of this article series, which focuses more on setting realistic goals for your golf in 2021. A number of you went through the exercise in Part 1 and gave me great feedback.

Give it a read, and let’s discuss!


This is great! Also, I totally imagined a pizza and my mouth started watering. It’s too early for that. Hahaha. I will most definitely be putting this to practice. Thank you Jon.


Very interesting!! Like it a lot!! I did it for myself the other evening;)

The article is so beautifully worded! Really paints the picture for me. I didn’t realize, I already do much of the mental imagination part. The tough part will be the getting in shape/recovering from injury, requiring patience and commitment. Have to walk before we run. But it gives structure to the balance of this winter, and getting ready to romp on the course this spring!


I went and bought Kent’s book about the scratch attitude and found it enjoyable. Easy read, and a hard guy check. More than improving my golf, I want to enjoy my golf for my lifetime!


That’s great! I read it myself and thought it was a very unique way to get across some wonderful concepts