Ping Putter app

You might’ve heard of this one. It’s an Apple app that takes advantage of the gyroscopic sensors in an iPhone or iPad to measure some parameters of your putting stroke. The app is free. There’s a cradle you can buy that attaches to your putter shaft but duct tape works pretty well.

Basically, load the app, tape your phone to the shaft, and take a couple of 10 foot ish putts. You’ll hear a ding after each stroke. Afterwards, you’ll get a bunch of stats about your face angle, closure rate, tempo, etc…all of which would be useful for Ping to build you a putter. For the low, low price of $1200. Scotty Cameron thinks that’s excessive… Though i understand the wait is several months so maybe it’s not excessive enough?

You can store practice sessions though, and use the app as a trainer, to try and get your stroke more consistent. You can take the stats and narrow down the universe of putters to see what might better fit you.

Anyway, I thought it was cool, and surprisingly easy to mess around with.


will give it a go, thanks man

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May I ask where you managed to purchase the cradle? I’ve used the app a few times in the past by curiosity but I had to hold the phone with the tip of my thumb and it wasn’t super convenient.


I didn’t purchase one. I don’t have the iPhone model they reference, nor an iPod. I think I’ve seen them for sale at ebay and such.

What i did was, tape a popsicle stick to the top of the shaft, right under the putter grip. Then tape the phone to the stick and shaft. Trying to get it as perpendicular to the putter face as possible. I was hoping the flat surface of the stick would make it easier. A long ruler and level (neither of which I had) would help tremendously.

But with even the ghetto setup I had, you could get some interesting data, on tempo, stroke arc, consistency. Not sure how much I’d rely on the loft reading with my setup, but i know now I’ve a slight arc, with a consistent closed face at contact (about 1.5 degrees), and a glacial, but fairly consistent tempo (about 2.5). I also deloft the putter consistently at impact, about 3 degrees or so. (As opposed to my full shots, LOL.)

Therefore, per its findings, I’d like a very heavy 380g or more putter, with ‘slight arc’ (limited or no toe-hang) quite a bit upright, and with a tad more loft than I’d have expected.

It, no doubt vanity sizing and then some, says my stroke is indicative of a -2.5 HDCP. So, some improvement is definitely possible.

I generally have good speed control, it’s my alignment and greenreading that are both dogs%$t. I’ll miss the hole by a foot left on a ten footer, practicing, but I’ll often put the next two putts right next to the first one.

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What is the Name of the app?

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iPing 2.0 You can find it in the Apple Store. Free!

There isn’t one for Android, unfortunately.

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jay! thank you so much! Must have taken it down i went to app store and apple store nothing there… found it!

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I’d used an older version on an old iPhone 4, with a cradle found on eBay.

OK, not outstanding, IMHO … biggest feature seemed to be stroke type, eg are you a straight, slight arc or strong arc putter?

For free, tho, it is helpful!

FYI you can also look at…
Blast Motion Golf, which is a sensor that goes on the grip end plus a smartphone app that gives you a lot more data points and includes short coaching vid tips.

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The SelfieGOLF phone holder should work. I have one and will give it a try. Thanks for pointing out the app.

Thanks a lot for sharing!

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