Off Season Swing Work

I was paging through the “Digest” website and found this tidbit. It is one of the more interesting tests we can do at home for balance and flexibility. Posture and Flex Test and how to Improve yourself I was able to do all 3, but I felt the strain in my shoulders. So, as I expected, I have some work to do with flexibility and mobility. Nothing wrong with weight loss for me also.

I was encouraged to see the BIONIC MAN— TDub back out there, I was more interested to see the differences in his swing and although he is a physical beast, he has mobility and flexibility limitations and yet with the changes and adjustments he made he generated 177mph ball speed. That is only 3mph less than where he was in 2018 pre-accident. Anything over 170 is world class and up there with elite PGA Tour players, so he figured it out! Nothing wrong with a little fitness and flexibility for us grey hairs!

I’d like to hear, from some other oldsters, how they did and if they felt the strain I did. Cheers! :woman_in_lotus_position:t2:


I am 63. I tried these tests and could (maybe!) just do them, although the strain (especially on the first 2 tests) was significant.

This is not an unknown problem for me. Unfortunately, every time I try to increase my shoulder mobility it seems to make things worse. I put together a shoulder mobility program this fall in an attempt to increase my shoulder mobility for next spring, and my shoulders hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep and had to stop. If my shoulders ever recover from that attempt, I may try again.

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I am really tempted to start off this year with some beginners yoga and move on from there gradually. I did feel a major strain doing those tests for certain, I suppose we were just way more flexible in my youth and we just don’t keep up with it. I played 27 yesterday and not only hit my playing goal, I exceeded a couple things, but I am hurting today, calf cramps and some mid back stiffness, I’ll recover, but it would be great to not have to recover…lol


I’m still good, but struggle a bit with Test #3. I assume it’s my bad shoulders although they felt a LOT better this year than last year. I need to get back to a regular stretching routine this winter.

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Yes … do it! If you keep at it semi-regularly you really should start to see some benefits. Back, hips, shoulders … everything.

I happen to have an illustrated guide book that has some basic “Flows” in the back and I started with the most basic one. Then over time I added in a few golf related things that I saw in online articles.

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