New Cobra Putters

Anyone on here tried out the new Cobra (vintage or printed) putters yet? The Sik descending loft technology on the face is super intriguing to me.

I’ve been kicking around purchasing a Taylormade Spider X or Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten putter because I love the shape and balance (similar to the Cobra Vintage Stingray). Right now I’ve been gaming a Ray Cook Stingray (basically a cheaper version) and really like it…but miss the feel of a face insert. (My previous Odyssey White Hot #7 had a great insert, I loved).

Being a lefty…there’s not much to demo out there from Cobra (or many others)…just wondering if anyone else has tried them out yet and what they thought.

Haven’t seen or tried the Cobra, but my gamer for the past year is a Sik Flo. Not sure if the technology makes any difference, but I really like it. It is a milled head, and with a Rosemark grip on it, I love the feel.

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