Moon Wood Purchase

Just received an email advertising the Moon Wood. It is supposed to be a combination of a 3-4 iron, hybrid and fairway wood. I do have a 3 and 4 hybrid in my bag, and don’t feel as confident with those clubs as I do with my shorter irons, wondering if anyone has tried this new type of club and their thoughts etc. does this type of club really work?



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I can’t answer that, no one can except you. If it works for you then it’s a good thing. I mean way back in the day, there was a guy in our large group that putted with a 2 iron, and he was pretty good with it too. Gave him an extra wedge in his bag and that set-up worked for him. So, if you sampled it and you hit it 185 yds exactly where you are aiming, who are we to object and question what works for your game? Right?

Please don’t spend $179 on this… make @CoryO do it and write an article about it!

Seriously, though… I’m a gear junkie and had to google it… it’s not a known product and that usually implies it’s a gimmick that doesn’t work.

You’d be better off cutting down the shaft of a 7 wood if you want something like that.

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And now I’m getting Facebook ads for it… boo internet.

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I know someone that bought one and they liked it a lot, but they’ve tried a ton of clubs and still felt it was just a nice 7 wood type club. Many new clubs are longer and lighter and guys like me (poor tempo) struggle more with them and a club that is shorter and heavier can be much better but it’s nothing new. Older clubs were shorter and heavier and you can find those for much less money.

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