Mental Game Training Programs/books/psychologist

Hello folks!

One of my big plans this winter is to dial in my mental game. I was wondering if anyone had a program or person they worked with in the past that they liked. A couple I’ve been considering:

  1. I’ve read Pia and Lynn’s books but they haven’t really resonated with me. May have to reread.

  2. Listening to Zen Golf on audiobook right now

  3. Consider David Mackenzies Mental Game Training Program

  4. Looking at Game Like Training (GLT) golf and considering reaching out to them

  5. I can’t recall the name of the guy the Chasing Scratch guys talk to buy I like him and would definitely reach out to him if anyone knows his name and/or website

Thanks for reading!


I recently read Dr Bob Rotella’s “How Champions Think”…it was an okay read. Maybe I missed something, but not one I’d recommend highly.

I’m interested in following this thread though to see what else out there has worked for this community.

Check out Bhrett McCabe, he has a pod too.

Game like training has a great book for practice. It’s digits and paper if you want it. Another guy with really good mental training is Dr. Jim Afremow. He has a couple really good books and an app called champions mind. So worth it.

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I’ve read through a LOT of David’s blog articles on his website, and have really gotten a lot out of them.

Also attended one of his 2 days clinics, about two years ago, really enjoyed it and will look to do it again in the future!


So when you say you want to improve your mental game… What does that mean? I am asking since I have read and followed and listened to podcasts and Youtube videos from all those you mention.

So if you have a better mental game what would that look like or mean? Do you want to develop more confidence in each shot? Do you have issues with staying focused on the course? Do you get mad when you miss a shot and it carries over to the next shot/hole? Are you needing help with your focus? You ability to visualize shots? Do you have scar tissue from lots of poor shots (like shanks), and you think part of solving this is mental and you want to know how to do that? Do you perform poorly when in competition – choking under pressure? Are you have difficulty taking that great range swing and game on to the course? Do you have difficulty when you are facing a shot over water and dunk them?
When you are on the tee do you end up pulling or pushing shots into the water hazard or the woods on tight fairways because you let fear impact your swing? When you buddies needle you does it get under your skin, and you lose focus, get angry and can’s perform as you normally do? …

There are LOTS of aspects to a strong mental game… just trying to understand what you are seeking, so I can do a better job of offering suggestions.


Excellent questions, Juan! I must say, I’m not entirely sure :joy:.

As I think about it more, I’d say I think I need more of a objective process I can follow when I play. I don’t get upset or frustrated on the course, but I can’t look back at a round and identify if I was committed to every shot or if I failed to take a variable into account.

I did go back and listen to the Chasing Scratch episode with Dr. Jason and I’ll be writing a golf identity statement.

I know for me, certain milestones are a mindset thing. I’ve shot even par but never broken par before but had 8-10 rounds this summer where I was even or under par coming to the back 9 and lost shots coming in. So, I’m looking to develop the a process that I can fall back to in the situations and just continue following the process vs. the results.

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Golf is entertainment for me. It’s not my calling or how I make a living. I choose to play the game because I enjoy the challenge, competing, and the kick I get out of pulling off shots under pressure.

I’ve worked hard most of my life training to play well and I’ve developed a tool kit of skills that are available to me to enjoy the game.

What often diminishes my performance is doubt. Doubt is actually lack of faith. I would suggest that we start with knowing who (read Who’s) we are. From there, we can begin to understand what gets in the way of our faith to play freely, as well as to live life freely.

Golf is entertainment for me and I want to maximize my enjoyment of the game whenever I get the chance!

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I think you have hit on a key for you … focus on the process and the results will happen. Sounds like you need a trusted (by you) pre-shot routine that you do every time. That might be a start. The other thing that many who are working on the mental side use is a Mental Scorecard. Where you keep track of how well you stick to your process and were committed to each shot.

I have attached a sample… there are several others that I am familiar with.

A couple of simple questions to ask yourself before each shot, “Do I have a Target, and Am I 100% committed to this shot?”


:: poster shyly raises hand part way ::

That’s definitely one of the keys for me, and is something I’ve been trying to work on. Make a decision and go, else reset.

Very simple, very important questions… definitely something I’m working on!

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