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I just wondered what nationality are members on this forum.

Is it mainly USA or are there some European members on here.

I will start - I am from England and have just started playing (at 73!!!)

US. In my late 40s. Picked back up the game a year or two ago. Used to play a little in my mid 20s before that.


Had been addicted to this silly game most of my life but more intensively after my boss encourage us to pick up this game on a regular base.
Kind of drifted away from the game after forming family, when obligation changed in life. Never left the game, even in thin times.
Now will pick up more time on the golf course if I could find time, again.

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I’m from the North East USA. I played some as a kid, stopped for years and picked it back up after playing off student loans!


I’m living i Golden, Colorado, USA. I’ll turn 71 in June. Started by working at a golf course in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada when I was 12 and that was probably when the sickness began. Picked up the game seriously in the middle 80’s and here I am now.


I’m in CT (Northeast US). Started playing at 30 and will be 57 this year. Golf has been a bit off and on for me in that stretch. Got back into it more about 8 years ago and even joined a semi-private club 5 years ago.

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I am a Kiwi Living in Oz aged 49. Been playing for 4.5 years after not playing for 23 years. I play at Mt Osmond Golf Club


CANADA, British Columbia but golf in western Washington.

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Bellingham, Mt. Vernon have some nice golf courses.

There are some good courses close to the border but with the west coast wetness some are more playable than others during the year.

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Warm ( hot ) and dry for the whole week coming up , might be nice to check it out.
I may try to visit the Half-Moon Bay in the northern California next week when I attend the wedding of my friend’s daughter’s. Not sure if I’ll have time for a round for golf ( half a day minimum with commute ). Plus the golf bag will be extra fees these days.
It’ll be a hot and dry weather for the remaining of this year on the West Coast.

Half Moon Bay’s course (I believe at the Ritz-Carlton) is supposed to be a hoot. Pretty sure they’ll have decent rentals available if you didn’t feel like sending your sticks.

Granted, this is supposed to be an El Nino or La Nina, I forget, which might make normal weather wonky, but I would not take hot and dry weather for granted at all at Half Moon Bay until at least mid-September. 5-10 miles inland? Sure. On the coast? Not in June-August. (Edit: or mid-May. Congratulations!!!)

The fog loves coming inland in those months.

Now if the fog/“marine layer” doesn’t come in…yeah, it can get a bit toasty. I hated going hunting in July in the Big Sur hills/Coastal Range mountains for exactly that reason. (Then I moved to Texas, and got to experience Heat + Humidity. Yay!)

Carry layers, is all I’m saying.

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Thanks for reminding.

I said “I may” visit the Half Moon Bay. Most likely not, for the tight scheduling. The wedding will be around Pacific Heights area, and the traffic was bad 35-40 years ago, must be terrible now.

Used to live in Daly City when I worked in the Downton and South S.F. area. Some time ago, I think might be more than 30 years ago, remembering the Half Moon Bay just opened up. It was not that awfully expensive back then. I heard the green fees are quite a bit higher these days after the great review and the accolades it received. Before the golf course opened there was a near by bar which was the scene in the early 80s. Used to be horse back riding around there, may still have that now.
I know there are rentals available for a price. Not quite the same as using my own golf clubs. I am not that desperate.
I can always wait to come back to golf near by.

No shame in it. I was fiending enough during this latest business trip (worked in another state for two months, got to occasionally fly home on weekends) that I went to a Trackman bar at 6AM, just so I could get some swing time in. They had TM Stealth rentals, which were meh, and some hybrids which weren’t.

When my brother in law and sis came out for my wedding, the course at the hotel they were at had Mavrik and Epic irons and woods. Decent, IIRC. Guess it depends.

I’d Uber around SF now. Seriously. Let the risk of getting your car broken into fall on the Uber driver, not you. Pretty part of SF.

If you were in a golfing mood, I guess Harding Park is supposed to be awesome too?

Yeah, forgot about the break-in around metropolitan area. We were thinking of a rental car but, you’re right. Ride-Sharing is more convenient if not involving a lot of side trips.
Last time we were there for my kid’s graduation at Berkeley, we did the Air B&B and Uber around for a couple of days.
Not even quite sure if I’m all that enthusiastic about going long distance to attend the wedding of a friend’s daughter’s.
You were also right about the fog in the A.M. I remembered that well.
Maybe we’ll just invite the newly weds for dinner when they come over to visit their parents.
Never golf Harding Park, although passed the exit to it N th times. I believe it had not been redesigned back when I was there, it was just a semi private golf course with public access. Been to the Olympic Club once, no golf but to attend a business meeting. Vaguely remembering the club house was on top of a hill.
Last time I was back to the Bay area, found out even the restaurants had changed quite a bit. I won’t be missing the great time we had dinning out, from long ago.

BTW, I was next to the Princeville on Kauai during my honeymoon and Sun River resort with my family for spring break, both times the golf courses were just a stone throw away but I did not golf. Simply because the time was not right. Moments with family was more precious than golf.

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USA. I have been playing for 30 years. Had a stretch of very little golf due to an injury.

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64, Live in Clementon, NJ. 2 miles from the #1 Course in the World. I play out of Pitman GC and The Pinelands GC. Been playing now for 40 years…still trying to improve, but distance wise…it sucks getting old! Hangin in with a 7 HDCP.


Way to go! You’re still crushing me, I’m 33 with a 20.9 hdcp right now.