Meditation and visualization

Recently i have been reading alot with regards to visualizing your line for putts. That is one thing i struggle with, seeing the line or seeing the putt before it happens. I was told there are Meditation sites that can help with this. I am going to go search but i just wanted to check in here to see if anyone can recommend a site that has helped them with this. Thank you

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The best resource I ever read for visualizing putts was Dave Pelz’ The Putting Bible. It’s an oldie but a goodie.


Check out Zen Golf. There’s some great lessons on putting.


As far as meditation specifically, I have two apps that I really like, that give you some free guided meditations without requiring an annual subscription…

  1. Muse - does require purchase of a headband that provides a sort of biofeedback to help you;
  2. Headspace - simple and uncluttered.

For visualization of a putt … I’m not sure … but this seems like a spot where I can put in a plug for “AimPoint” :wink: … there’s a separate thread discussing it.

I’d also recommend the Waking Up app from Sam Harris for guided meditation


For visualization, like most people I take a look at the slope and try to see the line that it will take to the hole. You have to figure in the speed you will hit the putt. It may help to think of the Tiger Woods video game that shows an actual line. Picking the starting point is the single most important part. Like with anything it takes practice.

I don’t have much for meditation but I know some people love it! It sounds relaxing!

To go along with any meditation practice, breathing and breath work is very important and beneficial. Check out the audiobook “Breath” by James Nestor. It’s fascinating and at the end has descriptions of several different types of breathing exercises to enhance your health and well being.

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Haven’t read enough about meditation, but looks like some great resources here! Great question

Thank you i will look at those. I also was thinking of getting the Aimpoint video.

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For anyone looking to add an easy mindfulness practice to your daily routine, I really recommend the Headspace app. Some free stuff there to get you started or if you go premium, there are guided exercises for pretty much every situation.


I’ve been thinking about mindfulness in golf a ton… I’ll download the Headspace app and check it out…

Overall, visualization and focusing on the task at hand are big goals for me this season.

My central challenges are removing the result from the process (a good putt is one that I hit with good tempo on my intended line, not a putt that goes in the hole) while keeping a central goal in mind. I struggle with the concept of a “perfect” shot at a smart target is going to end up in the middle of the green, where a more average shot might end up closer to the hole… Basically, separating the overall goal from the task at hand is always a struggle for me.

Fortunately, I only need to be focused on the task at hand briefly over the ball, and as long as I stay focused on the things I can control (mostly my target, my club selection and committing to the swing) I will be OK.

Fully committing to a better mental game is definitely going to take some time, especially making sure I’m “present” over every shot I hit. It’s far easier to do it when I’m playing alone, and I need to learn to channel that into when I’m playing with buddies.