Master Changes 2023... another opinion question

Taking away the Roars!

So listening and reading about some of the pros opinions regarding the lengthening of #13, I have some thoughts. The course/hole hasn’t been tested yet, so we’ll see how that goes. My old course, back in the early 90’s, our 17th hole was/is a very short Par 4 that has big water down the right and OB down past the right and behind the green and 2 huge bunkers 30 yards short of the green with maybe 15 yards between them. It can be played as short as 270 and as long as 315. For a shorter, smart hitter it could tempt them to take a whack at it from 270, but most would just lay up to the same spot and play a wedge… a longer hitter, well perils abound if you go for it either way. Just depended how they wanted to set it up! I went to the Masters in 1992 for Saturday and Sunday and watched Freddy battle Ray. It was a great experience on Saturday as inclement weather and a restart allowed for great visuals as alot of the patrons didn’t return for the restart. Sunday was packed and, TBH, it’s way better on TV now! I can make my own Cream Cheese and Pimiento Sammy…LOL. Reading that article, here is my thought. Does everyone think the “Old Fogies” at the Masters want to eliminate the Amateurs or “Shorter” Hitters. I don’t think so. All that means is they have the option to extend the hole according to conditions. That’s why we have tee boxes. You can move 'em up or move 'em back. There is no way they want to eliminate the ROARS. Do we think I’m wrong?

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I concur.
A few of my local golf courses ( a few are private and a few are semi-private) employ the “Member Tee” during the winter months. Which is a mix of tee boxes and the setting has its own slope rating.
they will designate a special color tee for those who want to play the “member’s tee”. some holes are moved forward and some at back tee with remaining at the regular men’s tee.
This mixture will give a challenge to course management. Unlike what we do sometimes with our group, we just moved the even number of tees to the back and the odd numbers stay at regular tee.
As for the Masters Tournament, it’ll be curious to see how they utilize the new tee box. Pretty certain they could trick up other elements if they want to change the playability of any of the golf holes if they wish.
Adding rough to the sides of the fairways could be one.

Totally agree about changing the tee box based on conditions. If it turns it into a 3 shot hole for everyone, that would make it more boring. But if we can see some guys trying to draw it around the corner and have to hit longer clubs to get there in two, more risk and more excitement.