Let’s all thank Jon

thank you @jon :slight_smile:

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just a guy with an internet connection, thank YOU!


Thank you for putting your trust in me. I can’t tell you how many companies approach me trying to get me to promote their products to all of you. A lot of it’s junk, and I make sure you don’t see it. I don’t always get it right, but it’s important to me that PG is a resource that golfers can’t trust!

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Ditto, you have brand equity from putting out quality content and so i figured these forums would be a step up.

Great stuff


If Nick Papageorgio from Yuma approves, then I’m a happy guy! :rofl:

Definitely cool! Thanks for this Jon, it’s like the best of twitter without the bad. It’s cool to see everyone’s thoughts.

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Haha exactly. I like twitter but I don’t think it allows for what’s going on here.

Perfect idea for a forum. A separate community not distracted by other noise. A friendly space to work on improving our game. Thanks for setting this up! Looking forward to connecting with ya’ll.


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Thanks Jon, I recently started my own online golf business and have looked at practical golf as a place that I would like to be someday. You have been an inspiration for our team and just want to say thanks and keep up the good work!

I’m really enjoying this forum and thank you so much Jon for starting it! I look forward to chatting with everyone about a wide variety of topics in the years to come! Great first week!

I’m excited to have you here. It’s been a great two days so far, and I’m really blown away by the quality of posts!

That means a lot. 5 1/2 years ago I started this without any idea what I was doing. I just had a few opinions on how golfers could get better at this game, and enjoy themselves more in the process. It’s been a wild ride, but it’s very rewarding to see where it is today. Hoping that this community can help the site grow into something even more useful for golfers.

Thanks for your contributions thus far, this place will only be as strong as its members.

Yes … THANKS, JON!!! :+1:

Been a long time fan of your articles … have learned a lot (and not being condescending!) … and look forward to continuing to keep learning.

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You’re more than welcome! I’m trying not to stroke my own ego too much, but hearing from all of you over the last couple of days is a great mental boost for me. I know people read my articles, but this forum has allowed a lot of communication that wasn’t possible beforehand. I still remember what it was like when only 20 people came to the site in one day and I thought that was a big deal! The most important part for me is knowing that the website has helped people get better and enjoy the game more :grinning:


Love the positivity on here and great ideas in a supportive environment.


Great job Jon! I always enjoy getting you e-mails when you put them out, but this forum you have started is icing on the cake, or for me a great birdie on a hard hole. Keep up the good work and can’t what to see how this forum will grow in the future!


thanks! So glad to have you here. In less than a week I think we’ve already got a great community going. I’m very excited for the possibilities.

So thanks again to Jon for starting the forums and thanks to everyone for all the great discussions to start it off! I honestly think it helped me be in the mindset to play my best golf this evening and I went out and shot a +2 74 (finishing literally by the light of a full moon). Personal best at my home course and probably could be considered my best score this season (shot a 71 a month or so ago, but easier course IMO).
Welcome to everyone new as well. Let’s keep this forum positive and rolling along!

Great stuff Cory - thanks for saying that!