Learning Golf Faster Without Golf Clubs

I am a big believer that people could build the foundations of their golf swing quicker and more effectively if they started out learning and practicing the main components of the golf swing without clubs or equipment. Not only do golf clubs create bad habits, but how many recreational golfers do key golf fundamentals correctly like properly shifting their weight to their front foot before they start their downswing? There is also so much golf content out there it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to try to figure out where to begin. To combat this, I created a few follow-along videos that I feel make it clear and effective for beginning and improving golfers to build up their swings.

Of course, at some point, to get really good it is best to see a pro in a person and get lessons. But I believe these videos would be useful for everyone before their lessons so they can get the most out of it and hit the ground running rather than wasting time on the basics. Hope some of you find these useful and would love to hear what you think does and does not work about them.


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Not sure about starting out as a totally new golfer … it might make sense … but for me as a somewhat experienced and (of course) still working to improve their swing golfer, practicing movement patterns independent of hitting a golf ball can be extremely beneficial!

With the caveat, though, that the student is following a movement / drill / whatever that had been assigned to them by a qualified PGA teaching pro…

The second big caveat imo is that many so called training aids force the user into a certain technique, or method, or specific way of swinging that may … but very well may not … be good for that golfer, and in fact could possibly be counter-productive…

Good set of videos, Every golfer should practice these.