Laser range finders

I’m coming up on 7 years with my Bushnell V3. It still works great.

That’s about 10 years newer than my old Bushnell lol. I think I bought it in 2006 and it was used then. Still worked okay, but it was slow to pick up a target and no vibration to let you know you got it. It’s also a lot larger and heavier. The Shotscope seems really good and was on sale for $40 off.

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I’ve been looking to get the precision pro and someone just sent me the callaway 300 pro rangefinder (with slope). Anyone have experience with it? Trying to decide if I should return and get precision pro or keep it.

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Update - this came out today so seeing the "better’ callaway version not getting much love I’m going with precision pro!


For any folks that are cheap like me…I love my TecTecTec Vpro500. No slope, but I’ve been using it for a year and still on the first battery. Easy to focus, very accurate, very good price. I think I paid around $100-120.

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Precision pro is great… I have no experience with other range finders…

I’m using Nikon coolshot and it is superb.

In addition to Nikon, I have a Callaway 30. I bought it by reading this honest guide. The budget of yours will really suit this model. Do not get me wrong, Bushnell Tour V3 is also an excellent product, but it will cost you more with almost the same benefits. If I list it out, you will basically get the same range, slope adjusted feature and laser technology with a higher price tag. You may get more out of Callaway 300 model compared to V3. It provides additional features like the scan mode. Also, the magnification is 6x in Callaway 300 while Tour V3 only give 5x

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