Laser range finders

Shaky hands and balance-why I don’t use my basic range finder, but I do use my phone with the Swing U app to find distances, good enough so far.

I still use a Bushnell Pro 1M Slope I bought in 2013. Yeah its bulky but it works perfectly, doesn’t go through batteries and its rugged in case you dropped it. Gives me an accurate number every single time.

Same, I just bought a Bushnell Phantom gps. Small and simple, I’m all about it.

I’m using a Garmin Z82. I probably don’t even know half of all the functions it has, but I like the fast shooting and the course overlay in the viewfinder.

I’m in the market for an inexpensive GPS device. I have my eye on the Garmin Approach S20 GPS watch. Does anyone have experience with it, or another similar device? Other than an ill-fated foray into iPhone golf apps a couple years ago, I’m ignorant on this stuff. Thanks.

If I hadn’t become an Arccos user for a product review, I would still be using my Garmin S20. Simplest device out there IMO, basic display and screen (no color) so you can play a few rounds before it has to be recharged. Never had an issue with the GPS. Garmin Connect & Golf app design is a little dated, but works as well. Refurbished ones are a great deal.

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Thanks, Cory. That’s valuable/good to know. Thanks.

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I’ve had a Garmin S20 for a while and it’s good, but honestly a bit disappointing. I previously had a Bushnell Neo X that I was happy with but the battery was starting to not make it 18 holes so I got the Garmin. The Garmins battery is fantastic, but it’s not quite as good in other respects. It takes forever to find my home course. I get around this by turning it on 10 minutes before we tee off because otherwise I’m waiting so long I stop looking at the watch and when the course pops up if you don’t select it relatively quickly the watch shuts back off and you have to start over. It also randomly shuts off. This is rare and a newer problem, but annoying. It doesn’t have any more hazards or other info than the much older Bushnell.

I got mine on sale and the price was right, but I was hoping it would be better than the watch it replaced and except for the battery it’s actually not quite as good. I’m tempted to get a ShotScope, but I will probably continue with the S20 for now.

That’s good to know, Kevo, thanks. When I tried iPhone apps a couple years ago, my issue was battery usage; I couldn’t get close to 18 holes. The S20 I’m looking at is on sale plus I just received a gift card, so my up-front investment is pretty reasonable. Thanks again.

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I mostly use the watch on the approach. Range finder is still great for forced carries, landmarks etc.

For example, on a par 5 I know one of my layups is 50 yd short of a scrub tree. Grab the laser, gun it and hit it

I have s10 and love it


The battery life is fantastic. I’ve had mine a while and the battery doesn’t seem to be slowing down yet like the Bushnell did. For the most part it works great. I have 2 friends that have the same watch and one has the same issues I do, but the other guy doesn’t. Maybe we just got a couple made late on Friday? I’m really only debating the Shotscope for more data, but I really probably could use lessons and practice this year first.

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thinking about the precision pro… can’t decide but the battery life is annoying on my old bushnell

Precision pro is great for the price.

I actually realized over the weekend that my Precision Pro has a battery indicator in the viewer, something that my old Bushnell didn’t have. Now I can actually make sure I have a fresh battery with me before I need it.

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that’s one thing that’s extremely appealing - bushnell always runs out mid-round

but I really probably could use lessons and practice this year first.

Yeah, that’s pretty much where I am right now. I’m also giving some serious thought to Adam’s Strike Plan. My 2021 improvement plan is predicated on contact (mostly) in center of clubface most of the time. If I can’t get that right… :roll_eyes:


OK, I pulled the trigger this morning on the S20. I’ve had it charging while I’ve been farting around with the buttons. So far, so good. I think, at this neophyte stage of technology, I’ll focus on distance to front-middle-back yardage. I need to train myself to club for back yardage (per Jon) to hopefully reduce that clubbing error. Then, take it from there.

Thanks to all for your comments and advice. I appreciate it.


I sprung for a ShotScope laser. They ran a special recently and the low price and great reviews sucked me in. I have an old Bushnell laser, but it seems to require steadier hands. Between my S20 and the laser I should be able to figure out where I’m going. Going to hold off on the ShotScope watch for now.


That’s a good combo, you should be in good shape. In yesterday’s dry run round I used my S20 and my friend used his laser. Between the two of of we had a pretty good idea of where to hit the ball. We didn’t often do it, but that’s another issue. Comparing yardages between the two devices showed very little variance.


I played my first round Saturday and used the Shotscope laser. It’s easy to use and seems to work quite well. No problem picking up flags quickly. I probably would have used it more, but it was crazy windy and I felt like no matter what the yardage was I was bunting a 5 iron to keep it low lol.