Indoor Putting Mat Material

I have the room to install up to a 40-50’ run of putting mat in my basement. While I’m convinced that nothing beats practice on a real green for slope and break reading, the idea for this setup will be strictly ball alignment, starting line, and to a large extent, the driving need for me is distance control practice. Any recommendations on material that is sold in bulk / rolls for the install? I play mostly public courses with slower greens, but do play nicer courses with faster and rolled greens often. Not looking to get into a stimpmeter analysis, is there a material that others have found to replicate middle of the road green speeds?

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You can, of course, but artificial turf of varying types to replicate actual greens but … at the amount you want it may start to get a bit pricey …

Have not checked it out closely myself, but Home Depot has bulk rolls of what looks like astroturf that may be suitable…?