Indoor Hitting Mats

I bought a NetReturn and the hitting mat came as part of the package, I like it so far. It seems well built and high quality. I’m wondering what other people are using and why.


I have the Real Feel Golf mat, Country Club Elite or something like that. It is the best mat that I have hit off of. My coach uses something similar if not the same thing, I haven’t asked him. I will next time though because it feels just like the one I have. Iron shots do not sting, doesn’t leave marks on your club, its just great. The price is up there but I have had mine for 3 years and it doesn’t even look used.


I have had the roll-up mat from Net Return for three years now and am very happy with it. Initially, I had gotten the TrueStrike, but realized it’s really heavy and had to return it since I want the ability to quickly move the mat (technically it’s my kid’s playroom :joy:)


I think there are a lot of decent mats out there, but anyone shopping on eBay for them (like me) should just expect to get what they pay for. A thin, super cheap mat might be okay for chipping, but for full swings you’ll want a mat with at least three layers to it (the turf, rubber, and foam). These will simulate the shot better, but most importantly help prevent injury.


I have the Dura Pro Commercial. I really like it. It’s 6’x4’ so no issues taking any stance on it. The feel is nice and doesn’t have that helping the ball in the air feel a lot of mats have. The rubber underneath is thick, but forgiving so you don’t get that hard reverb feeling or damage your clubs if you dig a little deep on one. It comes with a bunch of tees along with one that’s a real tee holder. That was a bonus for me to be able to hit off real tees indoors. I hate the big rubber tees.

It wasn’t super expensive, but the quality after almost a year has held up. You can hardly see any wear whatsoever.


There’s really two big considerations for getting a mat. The first is injury. If you’re going to use it a lot, you do risk elbow or other joint injuries. The hits really start to add up.

The other is feedback on fat shots. Issue with a lot of mats is that your club will skid, which can take some spin off the ball and make it seem like you’re hitting the ball further than you “deserve”. Only relevant if you have a launch monitor or when you’re at your local driving range.

I use the True Strike mat. The gel insert is good for ensuring that you get feedback on fat shots without putting too much stress on your elbows.

Most of the guys that play a LOT of sim golf have moved to using the Fiberbuilt mats to avoid injury. Some folks find the lie fluffy and the feedback on fat shots is not that great… but if you’re going to hit a lot of balls on the mat, this is the way to go. Soft tissue injuries are no joke.

Even with the True Strike, I’m starting to develop some tennis elbow on the left and golfers elbow on the right. I’m seriously considering a switch to Fiberbuilt.


Very good point. The Fiber Built mats are probably the best option if you really want to avoid injury.

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That’s a REALLY good point. I hadn’t really thought about the possibility of injury. I’m thinking about buying a net and mat so those factors are something I will keep in mind. Thanks

I’ve got at 5x5 Country Club Elite mat and I think it’s great. I hit a LOT of balls on it early in quarantine and did not suffer any elbow or shoulder discomfort which I typically get on regular range mats.

I bought mine from Costco.


I bought a Reel Feel mat this past spring after seeing reviews on the website here. The feedback on it is great. You know it when you hit chunky shots unlike many mats I’ve hit off of at the range.


Hey everyone, does anyone have experience with Champkey Pro or Durra-Pro, or GoSports?

Online all have a good overall rating of 4-4.5/t stars, but some of the reviews demonstrate a lack of quality/reliability.

I’d like to spend around $150 for a 4x5 or 5x5 mat to use in the garage.