Imagine Golf App

If you guys want to get an app that is just all around cool, check out the imagine golf app. I stumbled upon it last week and have already listened to 65 episodes, it keeps track. Really cool stories. A lot of the most important excerpts from the books that have been recommended here. Additionally there is a lot of mental game stuff on it. Visualization drills and whatnot. I highly recommend. It has a free trial period and then I think it’s relatively inexpensive for the membership. I signed up immediately. Check out the link below. Or just find it in the App Store.


Thanks for sharing this is awesome! Been looking for something like this to try and work on sharpening up the mental game this offseason

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You’re welcome. I’m in love, could say I’m addicted to it. Almost been through 100 episodes already.

Looks like it is just for iphone. Didnt see anything for android unfortunately