I need your recommendations

I usually take my grandpa to play golf with me, since we are forced to travel long distances (and it’s already difficult for him to walk), I decided to buy him a mobility scooter. I’ve read a lot of reviews and tend to the first or second one https://www.seniorfitness.net/best-folding-mobility-scooter/. It shouldn’t look old fashioned, otherwise my grandpa won’t sit on it. What could you recommend to me? Did you face this problem?

My wife lost the ability to get around about 6 years ago. I’m talking about going to a store and walking around kind of thing. So we bought a DRIVE mobility scooter. It works perfectly and allows her to be mobile! At first, she was “embarrassed”, but that feeling went away quickly. We bought a DRIVE Scooter It works great, It actually fit into the trunk of our Elantra. now I have an SUV, so it’s even easier to transport. Good Luck with your purchase!

Thanks for your advice!