I can’t feel my face

Absolutely struggling with the driver and have 0 face control… probably need to drill some Adam stuff and work on keeping the face open and then shut…

I’m also wondering if I need to tweak my driver setup, so I have some shafts I’m going to toy with.

I go from a slightly close pull to the a weak wristed slice and cant seem to find the balance between the two… might just need to grind hitting a draw on the range until I can feel the clubhead in my hands again.


You need to get the ball curving one direction…

You need to pick a few drills and feels and work on it for 60-90 days and track your progress

90 days is short term in golf

I am being a bit of a smart ass but I thing you need to think longer term and work an improvement plan consistently

Trying to “find it” in between each round ain’t going to work


I’m pretty dedicated to my fade… the only reason I’d practice a draw is to get a feel for a closed club face so I can eliminate it on my regular swing…

I’m not trying to work the ball, I just have no feel with my driver right now and my miss is either a closed face pull left or a swipey fade right… if I get everything in the right position it’s a 3-5 yard fade that just falls off as it slows down.

I’m committed to working on the driver swing, just trying to figure out how to work on it.

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I’m not a coach, so take this with a grain of salt (or a pound of it) - if your misses are a hot pull or a wipey fade, that suggests to me that your path is quite a bit left. If you square it up to the path you’ll hit the pull and if you leave it about square to your target you’ll hit the wipe fade. To hit it where you want, you have to get it the right amount open to the path and closed to the target. The more your path is left, the more precise you have to be with the face. I suspect that your path has got too far left and that’s what’s causing your face issues.

So - something to try - take a headcover and put it outside your ball to the right (assuming you’re righty). Then swing. If you hit the headcover, then you’re coming across it quite a bit. So don’t hit the headcover. If I’m wrong about all this (quite likely), the worst that can happen is you hit a headcover.


Could be right that I’ve just gotten back to over the top… I’ll give this a look…

Though hitting draws and slices should also clean up path!

I’m up for trying anything… feel like everything else feels pretty good, just need to clean up my driving.