Headcover recommendations

I haven’t bought any new golf gear all year, which is probably a record for me. Now I’m looking to upgrade my head cover game, but not break the bank.

Who makes good quality cool/fun headcovers at a reasonable price? (I’m not paying $85 for a headcover at Stitch or Seamus or the popular ones I’ve read about)

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Club Glove for irons. Recently tried myTag fw & hybrid, love ‘em! Make a very durable (matching) glove too. Got on Amazon for reasonable price.

Hope this helps!

Ps - stay away from FaceSavers! Great cover but little plastic clips break, rendering cover useless and you can’t order replacement clips.

My headcovers are Bright Pink! The Big Guy has a Pink Panther headcover: $28 new… The other woods I covered in Pink Fuzzy Plush: $15.99 set of 4. Putter Blade cover is 19th hole Magnet… $7.99, I do not use or endorse iron covers ever! The pink is bright, you don’t lose them, I kinda dig the Paula Creamer look! It’s definitely a standout with my Adams Black and Pink Stitched Bag! Got that sucker new on a closeout… free shipping $44.

I don’t use the “fun” head covers. I use Rocket Tour classic head covers.
there are so many different choices these days. I would suggest to get the ones which can protect the graphite shaft.
I like to see all head cover I use for woods will cover the shaft where it contact the top of the rim of the golf bag. This is to prevent the wearing spot on the graphite shaft.
I tend to keep my golf clubs for a long time so I will take care of my equipment to last longer.
If you’re looking at the “fun” head covers, you’ll be expecting to spend from mid$30s to close to triple digits for one.
A good place to look for bargain is in the bargain barrel ( basket) at your local brick and mortar golf stores. Any online outlet will have the Holiday sale and maybe post Holiday sale.

I scrounge the bins of head covers at places like Play it Again Sam, while on the lookout for the stray George Low or Wilson 8802 putter looking for a home. Amazing what you can find in those places.

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Many of us doing the same.
Also, garage sales in a golf community or retirement States will also yield hidden treasure.
One of the guys paid $3 for an original Wilson 8802 several years ago. He regret not picking up the rest of the bag. Went back at the end of his Saturday route and the bag was gone with the rest of the golf clubs.
We have several local golf stores here, sometimes they’ll have extra head covers from the OEM and if they could not get rid of them online, the remaining will be in the bargain baskets during the Holiday Shopping Seasons.

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If you want to go full custom, girlygolfer.com

I used Delilah for my putter cover and 3 wood cover.

I like these STEALTH club covers. They’re made from neoprene, aren’t bulky and fit easily over the club heads. Also not expensive. I used to buy at Nevada Bob’s in Scottsdale, AZ but I see they’re available here online.

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Since I’ll likely pull out my driver 14 times on the average, I like the magnetic closure feature for ease of using. Problem is, they all wear out fast and will need replacement.
zippered head cover will be next then the pull over type.
I’ll ask my wife to knit some sock style head covers. Double stitched and wide opening so I won’t need to fight to pull it on or take it off.
She said she will do it for me.

Took a pic, Total I spent on Pink Panther, 3 Fuzzy Pink long necks, 19th hole Putter Cover and The Cart Bag $85. The bag was $44 new free shipping! So all the covers were $41 ( I re-checked my receipts from 5 years ago and the cover(s) expenditure was less than I originally posted) and I purchased those with Free Shipping!

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Now we know who is the Pink Panther golfer.
I used to wear a salmon colored golf trousers. That’s as close to the color pink I had come to.

Wanted to find something a little unique and after a lot of online searching, I’m pretty happy with my Bushwood CC driver cover and ninja guy hybrid cover.

I think I’ll leave.the fairway woods alone for now, don’t want to turn the bag into a total clown show :crazy_face:


Oh my good gravy! I love, love, love the Judge Elihu Smails Driver cover. Do you carry the the “Old Billy Baroo” too… that is freaking awesome! Do you get a “bowl of Soup” with that! :+1:t2: I actually have a version of the Billy Baroo, but I’ve never used it… ever… I think I may finally break that out one day next year!

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…and I never slice! :golfing_man: