Handheld GPS Devices

I am in the market for a handheld GPS that shows the overview of the hole and also tracks my stats with strokes gained. I want to be able to see how far it is to the dogleg, that bunker, or a tree. Would love to have the ability to measure between two points, like how much space between the woods and that trap. I want it to track my strokes gained as simple as possible by recording where I hit a given shot/putt. I don’t care what club I used since that varies so much based on situation.

I currently have a Bushnell Phantom that is very basic and gives front, middle, back yardages. I also carry a laser, but the GPS gets a lot more use. I don’t want a watch and don’t really want to use the club tags either.

Garmin G80: looks nice and allows for the hole overview. I can’t figure out what kind of stats it tracks but it isn’t SG. https://www.garmin.com/en-US/p/597253

SkyCaddie SX550: also looks nice but there is no demo of the stats it tracks. https://www.skygolf.com/SkyCaddie-SX550

Am I missing an option? Does anyone have an opinion on these?

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I think the golf pad free app gives you all that. Check it out here …

Hmmm upon further review, distance to obstacles might be in the premium package.
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Thanks. This does look interesting and I’ll check it out. I really want to avoid using my phone as the GPS seems to destroy my battery and I question it’s accuracy for golf.

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Shotscope H4.
I use the G3 because I’d rather have the device on my wrist than having to hold it. But you want hand held and shotscope must figure lots of other folks do because they just released the H4.
Great gps. Easy shot tracking.


Gps on phones should be accurate.
I am not sure it isnt more cost effective to get a better phone or a charger for phone. :rofl:

I will say as an old guy the text seems smaller and smaller on these devices. I might personally consider a gps watch rather than the handheld device but to each their own.


I searched for options a couple years ago. None of the pure apps that I found provided the data you are interested in, particularly tracking strokes gained. I ended up with the Shotscope V3, which does include club tags and a watch. I believe it is cheaper than a GPS app monthly subscription after a couple years have gone by.

I am fairly satisfied with the Shotscope product. It seems to miss a shot or two every round (could be user error), but it allows you to edit the round to put those back in. The putting data is only as accurate as GPS, so you really don’t know if you hit a 7 foot putt or a 12 foot putt, but on the average it should be correct for strokes gained calculations. The software is a little sketchy and will crash on you occasionally.

The data you get out is very good. You can do strokes gained calculations against whatever handicap level you want (all the way to Tour pro). You get overall strokes gained, and broken down by tee shots, approach shots, around the green, and putting. It tracks how far you hit every club and gives you summary data, and also calculates a “performance average” for each club which discards obvious outliers (like when you top a 3 wood and hit it 40 yards). It shows you how close to the pin you get with every club and from every distance. It also will give you performance data for every approach inside 50 yards (chipping data).


If you carry a smartphone check this out.


You don’t need a Tag Heuer watch to use the app. Simple to use, costs nothing, has good graphics and many of the features you’re looking for.


I used it for about four months. Graphics are really good. I dont think the analytics are as good as other gps offerings.
I found it nonintuitive for review of round afterwards although that certainly could be user error


I also utilize GolfPad. It’s pretty accurate and also has great very nice tracking tools for your game


I have a Garmin G20 watch that serves my needs. I’d tried a couple iPhone GPS apps, but they were real battery-burners.

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Was also going to suggest look at ShotScope H4 … I also prefer a GPS watch to a handheld, or to a phone, and am also a ShotScope V3 user.

Note these do not give you a graphical overview picture of the hole, but the distance to hazards info is detailed and very clear and easy to read.

@cam-l that Tag Heuer app is great (no I don’t have the watch) … exactly what I’ve been looking for!

There’s a particular Par 5 at my course with a blind uphill, through the dogleg and over the inside bunker :wink: shot that I needed help visualizing the distances on :ok_hand:

Excellent. Hope you birdied that hole or at least improved your average score.

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You haven’t seen me play golf… :crazy_face:

Saw this recently although it’s been out since last fall. The USGA’s GHIN app now includes course maps. There’s a paid upgrade, a bit on the high side at $39.99 annually, but it includes game management stats and for me, a real game changer in green reading maps.

I haven’t tried it out, and this review is on the USGA’s website so I’m certain that the rose-colored glasses were on, but the green reading features would make me pay for the upgrade:



I did see that update. Seems like a good tracker and if your course is included the green maps would be great too.

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The green reading maps do look slick. I just signed up today, basically so I could start trying to go for a HDCP. Wish me luck; first round in nearly a year “should” be this Friday.

Of course, I’ll probably get another “dire!” meeting that bumps it, but I’m gonna’ try. (This job…smh)

Swing’s where i don’t think I’ll embarrass myself, putting / short game “seem” all right…and as our host has put it: you can only learn certain things on the course.

So let’s learn them.