Hackmotion, is it worth it?

Has anyone here purchased the Hackmotion player sensor?

I see it is very highly rated and I think it is a great product but interested in hearing fellow amateurs like me feedback on it

Like is it easy to use, do you feel it is something that can help your game, do they provide a good plan on how to use it to improve, etc


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@mpatrickriley has one… he’s been using it for putting (And possibly shoveling snow)… I know he’s putting in a lot of work on his putting… we just might not know if it does anything for another 3 months.

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From the convo Jon and Crossfield had on twitter today, Crossfield said it provides good info. He has some videos on it so may be worth checking out. Of course the biggest question, and Jon asked, was is it something that a golfer can use without a coach and is it valuable in that arena.

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Cannot speak to the Hack Motion but I have a Blast Golf sensor I use for putting practice, and I think it’s a really great and truly useful training aid!

FYI it can also be used for full swing (although I have not).

There are follow-along practice drills / short vid clips included which can be set to coincide with the level the app measures you at, eg. Am to Tour Pro.

The metrics displayed in the app are clear, can be moved around on your screen and can be drilled down into fur further detail.


I also have a Blast sensor that I use for putting practice. It tells you whether you have the face open or closed at impact, it gives you your tempo (backswing time, forward swing time), lots of good data. And it’s cheap. I find it very useful.