Groove It Brush - 2 years use

So, when Jon featured the Groove It Brush in an equipment review a couple years ago I had to have one. I am a stickler for clean grooves and this seemed to be the answer.

It might be longer than 2 years I have had this brush and I can report that is the absolutely the best brush to keep your club grooves clean that there is! The pump still works like the day I bought it, the magnet that holds the brush while bouncing all over the course is still as strong as ever and the bristles are practically like new.

With all the “junk” out there in the golf marketplace it is so great to spend money on a product that does exactly what it says. Good on you Clint Sanderson for your awesome invention!


Very good to know something out there is working as advertised.
Not many products or services these days could stand up to what they claim.

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