Golf Gifts Ideas

Greetings! Looking for some unique golf gift ideas. I have some people in my life who have practical everything golf related and some who have nothing.

Not necessarily looking for products per say, but just some different ideas.

Here’s an example:

My wife has gotten me a few ball markers from I have the “Be the Ball” marker, a brass bottle opener (double-duty), and the Pendleton Sugar Skulls. I’d like the one that looks like a sewer grate, and says “Drain It”. I don’t think ball markers are specifically new ideas, but these are nicely made. The other great golf gift I’ve received is a gift subscription to Golfers Journal.

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I’m not sure it will be here in time for Christmas, but i ordered a custom headcover from

Very excited about it and Delilah is awesome to work with.

Edit: Put in wrong link! Sorry.

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I got an alignment sticks cover made by Delilah, very nice stuff. Another source for custom work like that is She has lots of “stock” options, but can customize them any way you want. She made a driver cover for my wife embroidered with trapeze artists.

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Easily the best thing I bought in five years (but rarely see) is the Rain Wedge cover ~$20.

At a golf outing, one of the door prizes was a Scramble Stick. I hadn’t heard of it before, but thought it was a brilliant idea. ~$30.

My xmas list contains a lot of putting practice aids as that will be my focus this off-season. I just scoured practical golf for reviews and added the ones I liked.

Isn’t the club brush with a reservoir on it supposed to be the bee’s knees? The one that Jon had mentioned at his blog? (Maybe he was even selling it at one point? Like the Divot Board or various launch monitor bundles?)

Personally, I’d be tickled if someone bought me something like an Arccos subscription, but that’s probably a bit pricier than “golf gift idea” is connotating.


GrooveIt Brush. It’s awesome.