Golf Datatech is it for real?

Is Golf Datatech legit or is it spam/ a scam. I get emails but aren’t sure if I would be wasting my time.

I had been getting the email solicitation for data collection.
You should be safe if you do not give out personal information as you shouldn’t do with any other such inquiry.
Information as the range for your age , gender, are okay. The worst is that they will sell your in a demographic listing for 25-50 cents per contact to those who might target golfer for marketing.
If you have the time and like to be counted as in the group of golfers, I think it could be safe to give your opinion for the golf equipment.
No harm if you chose not to give any information but obviously they had your email contact from one of the golf site which you frequent.
They do give out price for helping them to collect data. I had seen the list of the winners but I had never won anything in the past years.
It does take more than 5 minutes as they promised to go through their questionnaire. So don’t do it if you don’t have extra 20-25 minutes to answer golf related questions.

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