Golf contest winners

After just entering the Golfers Authority giveaway, it caused me to wonder if any of you have ever won a prize in one of these contests. For years, I’ve been entering these things on the Rock Bottom, Callaway, and Titleist websites and have gotten nada.

Have you or one of your golfing buddies ever won anything in one of these contests?

I did win a $250 True Linkswear gift card in a Golfers Authority contest back in the beginning of the year.

Have won a lot of various prizes on InstaGram and a few each on Twitter and Facebook. I have much more luck with winning in contests held on social media only than contests where you register via email.

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Never won a thing is 15 years of entering the various golf contests… and I am still awaiting my chance to win the Masters lottery again … I go a ticket in the lottery and went to the practice round in 2005, a year TW won, … but never since!!

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I demo-ed Hogan woods for GolfWRX a few years back… felt bad because I didn’t like them that much…

I’ve never had any luck in the lottery or in golf contests, and I’ve also never been lucky enough to be invited to a fancy pro-am where the door gifts are new clubs

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Not once ever. And I enter a TON because why not.

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:joy: I got a full set of the new Cleveland wedges for playing in a tourney a few weeks ago. I gave them to my dad. Next time I’ll keep you in mind.

The Masters ticket denial email. A tradition unlike any other.


played with a guy a month or two ago who showed up to the range with a brand new driver (taking wrapper off it). I said “oh you splurged” he said “no, it was free - got an invite to a tournament and everyone got one” - he then proceeded to smoke it. now i’ve gone and bought a new driver

for your next time - remember I play lefty!


Never won a golf giveaway, but sure do get alot of spam email after entering dozens. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m on a tear with winning Masters tickets, ten years of tradition unimpeded by progress. It won’t stop me from trying though!


It won’t be the same watching the Masters without spectators, er I mean patrons.


My son called me in September of 2006. He said "guess where you will be next April 5. Augusta National. He had won practice lottery. Then I won in 2011 then he won again in 2012. Not a sniff since then however. My son did win a 50/50 raffle at a scramble for $1000.

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TimS I have had the same thoughts :thought_balloon:???

I can tell y’all that I have won well over $4000 in golf stuff off of Twitter and Instagram. I have no clue how I win . I’m just lucky I guess


Did he donate the $ back to the event, or at least some of it? Feel like kind of need to do that when it’s for charity.

Played in a charity event once - they announced beforehand that the prizes for 1st/2nd/3rd were CASH! Clearly there was not going to be any funny business going on knowing that! Our team shot a legit 15 under on a wet windy course. Figured no way we could be beat (legitimately). Sure enough we came in third. When they annouced the winners, they went 1st…2nd…3rd instead of the other way around. That cost them big time. We were in 3rd and donated our winnings back (maybe it was $50 a person or something). But since they announced us last, the first and second place team didn’t get guilted into it and walked off with their (larger amounts of) cash.

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Just entered another one! Some day I’ll get to take that bucket list trip to (insert famous golf course)

But why bother to pencil whip a scramble if you are going to give the cash back?

They’d probably have kept it regardless.

I won a TM SLDR from GolfWRX. It was a preview contest. Got to go to a TM Performance lab for a fitting. Then it showed up two weeks later. All I had to do was write a review.

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At least they would have had some pressure on them!

The pro at the course was writing the scores down when I saw they were -18. I said “yeah right” and he said, no they’re members and all sub 5 handicaps.

I was a 1 and was playing with a bunch of 10s and I don’t think it would have mattered if I played with 3 guys who were scratch - we wouldn’t have done any better than the -15. Such a joke.

I’m always thrilled to come in top 3 in those things since we’re probably the only legitimate scores (aside from the teams who come in over par)