Golf Clubs for women

Hi there

Anyone have idea about where to to bet Golf clubs for women height 5’1- 5’5 … I mean the Golf clubs for petite women…


Just go to your local pro, or go to like another Golf retailer and get fitted. Simple as that. If you are looking used… that’s more of a crap shoot… You can still do that, but you may end up having to re-shaft some of the clubs. It can be more economical though. Alot of retailers like PXG are running some great sales right now!

Good Luck!

Most of the major OEM offer beginner’s golf set for women, some offer more option including for petite sized golfer.
One of my kid, she is 5’3" and she play the off the rack Ping very well. The set came with flatter lie angle ( orange code , 2 degrees flatter than the standard women’s ).
When she gets better, she will go get a fitted set golf club. Do a search on the golf clubs for petite women. Many of the OEM have sets of these which comes with everything a beginner will need. Typical MSRP ranged from $300-$1200. That’s with a golf bag, putter, driver, hybrids and irons.
If you’re an advanced golfer and expect more from the equipment to assist in better your golf game, then a properly fitted set of golf clubs will be ideal. That will typically begin at a couple of thousands.