Golf Blog/Journal

@Craigers inspired me to start my golf blog from 2020 back up. I’ll be using this as a way to share my journey but also as a journal of sorts that I can go back and read through as I progress in my golf game. If you take the time to read, I greatly appreciate it!


Fantastic, Nick! I’ll be sure to give it a looksy.

Kudos to you Craigers.
And kudos to you Njd209.
Looking forward to reading more, I particularly liked your most recent article and your plan and large/process goals, its cool to think of it broken down in this way. Good luck!

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This is great, Nick! I just subscribed. I look forward to following the journey.

Thanks @Jayjay @WhatsGoingOn @Craigers and @j-money

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Thank you to all who have subscribed thus far. I’ve added quite a bit more content and a lot more I am planning to make. Check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks!

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