Game improvement irons

So after 5 years of limited but dedicated time playing…I finally got the old handicap down from a 20+ to just over 10. I’ve been playing Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons and love them.

I’m 47 now and in good but mot great shape (hit the gym 2-3 times per week and walk the course, but overweight and horrible diet). I’m thinking about moving to the JPX 921Hot Metal irons. I see the lofts are stronger for sure, but since I really don’t move the ball or trajectory, think it might be time.

Has anyone else moved from player irons to game improvement irons? What was your experience like?


I’ve always played game improvement irons (or whatever you consider CMBs and the ZX5) but I’d just look at your dispersion with different clubs… when I hit the zx7s, my misses were significantly worse, so I quickly eliminated them…

The zx5s felt good on regular shots, but more importantly they felt fine on mishits and my numbers didn’t drop off a cliff.

I’d suggest finding something you can miss with and playing that.


I woudn’t necesarily consider P790’s a players iron, but I switched from those to Cobra Speedzones last year and the difference was dramatic. Even thouth the Cobra’s are stronger lofted, I hit the higher and further than the P790’s. I am 47 as well, and don’t see myself going to a smaller profile iron at this point in my golfin life.


Did you go with a full set of irons and wedges? I already switched to the Cleveland CBX2 cavity 56…am thinking of going cavity back on my 60 as well. If/when I switch, I’m thinking 5i-GW. I haven’t carried my 4i at all this year.


Funny you should mentrion the CBX2 wedges. As soon as I saw the results I was getting from the irons (5-GW) I immediatly replaced my 54 and 58 degree wedges withe CBX2. No regrets there either.


Oh man, the wedge debate is always fun for me… I tend not to hit my 54 or 58 full, so I’m gaming “specialty” wedges (Sub70 286 and JB)… i like them around the greens, and hit them fine with 3/4 shots… I do often wonder if I’m actually GAINING any advantage with them around the greens, though…

I might toy around with Cleveland wedges next year… I don’t know… I don’t open up my SW at all, but use it a ton around the green… not sure if I’d be better of with a more forgiving club or should just stick with what works… I don’t really have any complaints about my current wedges.

I love my CBX2 56. My GW is currently a 50 - so I’m not really sure if I’d benefit from a 52 or 54…maybe a 53, but it’s really hard to get option in left handed clubs. I’m still debating whether or not a cavity would help on my 60 - since I never use it full swing…just for high shots around the green where I need to carry a bunker and stop quicker.