Ft Lauderdale course recommendations?

I’m going to be in Ft Lauderdale for a long weekend in September and am hoping to get in a round or two. Can anyone recommend a good course for a 13 H.I.? Thanks!

Plantation Preserve is a good track in Central Broward
Toward Pembroke Pines and the South, Pembroke Lakes
TPC at Eagle Trace now has public times available
Bonaventure is a good layout but has had some conditioning challenges

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I used to play Inverarrey, but I think that’s closed now. I would never go near Doral now. The Club at Coral Springs is a very nice track. As mentioned, Pembroke Lakes is a good track also.

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Couldn’t be much of help since I have not been in that part of country for decades.
However, a few things I remembered.
Check weather, it’s still in the hurricane season late in September. You will not have difficulty finding a golf course, plenty of them in Florida. It’ll be a matter of proximity of where you’ll be staying ( traffic can be hefty at times). And of course, match up green fee with your budget. Unless you won’t have one. In that case just hit up the top listed golf courses online and read the review and pricing information.
Oh and make sure you check with the golf course for their aerification/sanding schedule. Sometimes they spread a thin top layer over the fairways and the greens ( can be mixed with chemicals or fertilizers ). Some golf courses will start their semi annual maintenance in September.

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Thanks guys. It’s sometimes difficult to tell from online reviews and photos; every course looks and sounds like Pebble!

We don’t really have budget restrictions, but one of the guys is a high handicapper and we don’t want to ask him to drop 2 bills on a round. There are good recommendations here, though.

Plantation Preserve and Pembroke Pines had both showed up on a couple searches; I’ll put them on the short list, in addition to Eagle Trace. Is Coral Springs open to the public? We’re going to be in Coral Ridge, so all of these are pretty accessible.

I played Doral a number of years ago. Nice track, but felt it was more reputation than substance for the price. Miami is too far for us, however. If you’re down that way, Crandon on Key Biscayne was an excellent course; I’d play there again.

Definitely agree on Crandon. It’s a long haul to get there but worth it if you have the time

Have visited Florida but never golf in the area. All I remembered is the smell of Sulphur in the air from the marsh lands and landfill. Have not done a trip for golf only for a long long time.
Maybe one of these days.