Foundations of Winning Golf is now available

And the first 20 pages are really nice. Reads a bit too much like X posts, though that’s mostly the formatting. A lot of info so far about conditioning your expectations to align with your goals and experiences. Not getting uber-confident because you did OK in your first qualifying round; not hating yourself and your preparation because you had One Of Those Rounds.

So far, there’s a bit of the sentiment that bad things happen to everyone in this game, it’s natural, keep working at it, and while it’s embarrassing now, things will improve if you keep trying.

A lot of discussing the mindset—as trite as bad management can make it sound—that failure means learning. Bad events are bad, and they hurt, but if you treat them as learning events, you’ll be a lot better off in the long run. Doesn’t mean they won’t happen again, but if they do, you’ll learn then too.

Also a lot of looking at golf and asking yourself what you want to get from it? If it’s scores and wins only, you’re going to be disappointed most of the time. If you instead seek to always be improving and learning, you’ll have a better time. And you can still be competitive and hard-nosed, while not letting yourself be defined by your score.

Liking it a lot; highly recommended.

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Nice intro to his new book … thx for that!

And CONGRATS!! @jon on this accomplishment!! :+1:

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