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I’m new here and this is my first post. I had read an intro to the Four Foundations and Jon’s autobiographical intro and it so resonated with me, as I’m sure it has with many of you. Started when I was 12 (now 74) and the game seemed easy. After all the ball was sitting still and I already had issues hitting curve balls. Never suffered through beginner issues. Played in HS and on a really bad college team and played in local AM events and US Open, US Am qualifiers but never quite good enough. Became a great putting grinder (Wilson 8802 bought for $5 bucks in 1964).Moved to Phoenix and played an Open qualifier there and left with heat exhaustion and total dejection. Played with the #1 player on an excellent college team and a Tour player. i finally saw what GOOD was and knew instantly that was a bridge too far. so over time, dreams of greatness shattered, I gradually moved away from golf…until one day nearly all three of the three factors (Jon’s book) clicked and of course i became obsessed. So, I ground again, get my handicap to + figures and held that for about two years, and then I fell back. Discouraged and tired of putting in the near OCD practice grind, I said, I’m done. Stayed done for about 15 years. Moved back to my home area and a few of my HS and college roped me into scrambles. The putter still works but the difference is that my swing speed went from 105-110 to about 80-85 and has gone south from there. I have reconciled myself to playing the 5600 yard tees with drives about 180-200 (hard ground and a tailwind LOL) and my handicap from the 68.5/120 type tees is 10. The putter still plays and I get invites to scrambles because if you give me a good roll to watch, I will more often than not make that 15’. Moral of all this that at present I enjoy the game more than ever. Yes, I’d like to improve. I love the metrics of launch angle, spin etc even if I don’t love MY metrics. I hope I can contribute some positive thoughts here and thanks for indulging me if you read this cathartic tome.


Welcome! New blood is great.

Completely agree on loving the data revolution, even if, like tonight, I’m not liking so much what it has to say about my skill… (How do you repeatedly get a positive angle of attack…with wedges?! Because I evidently do. With about 5 degrees less dynamic loft than static. So I’m leaning the shaft over, but I’m also raising it through impact. This game…)

Judging by my teed shots’ stats, I should hit my driver off the deck, and tee my wedge shots 4 inches in the air… Great game, huh?

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